Who Makes Husky Tools

Who Makes Husky Tools

Tools have been very essential to human life. This is because people customize their lifestyles as days go by. Therefore, the quality of tools has become the number one concern. This has led to people seeking and trying to find out who makes the best tools on google. This post gives an answer to the question of who makes husky tools.

What are Husky Tools  

This is a collection of mechanical hand tools and tool storage products with a full lifetime warranty. 

If you want to find out if husky is a good tool, then yes, it is a good tool brand.

Who Makes Husky Tools? 

This question has frequently been asked on google and other search engines by customers trying to distinguish the origin of husky tools. It has also been widely asked by people trying to figure out who manufactures the best husky hand tools. 

Where Are They Made? 

Originally, husky hand tools were owned by Home Depot in the USA. Having outsourcing of production and manufacturing of these tools, Home Depot took control as a monopoly and offered manufacturing contracts to groups that ensured the steady production of the tools. They are popularly referred to as the house brand for home depot. 

Husky is an old tool brand founded back in 1924 by Milwaukee Wisconsin. This brand has made sales widely but it is currently under the ownership of Stanley Black and Decker who have made their sales exclusive to Home Depot as from 1992 up to date. 

They have widely attracted vast customers to their firm by producing high-quality goods at very affordable prices. Their tools are well-known to be user friendly and their casing is perfect. 

This brand has seen it in the production of durable and high utility toolsFormerly husky hand tools were manufactured in the USA only but nowadays, they are even abundantly manufactured in China and Taiwan.

Husky Hand Tools 

Most hand tool brands have backed down on innovation and production of new tools in the industrial market. However, they have seen it in the production of elementary and more role-specific tools. 

Husky hand tools are made of steel just like other regular hand tools. However, husky tools are made with steel with a coating that doesn’t wear out easily thus explaining their durability trait. 

Husky hand tools include screwdrivers, ratchets, sockets, and a wide range of pneumatic tools. Want a high quality and durable hand tool brand? You got it already! husky tools. 

Husky Power Tools 

Many tools require maximum handling from their users so as to run and perform their tasks efficiently. Nonetheless, husky manufacturers have also provided power tools with specific power sources and they have proven to be more than useful in our daily lives. 

Husky Air Tools

In this case, compressed air is used to produce power that will run the tool/machine. This concludes that air is the power source for this kind of tool. Husky has been prominent in growing nailing businesses by producing the best nailers with outstanding features; meaning, high quality! 

Despite husky concentrating on hand tools, they took a step and decided to work on air tools innovation. They came up with a type that uses electricity as a power source and another that propels on gas power. 

These tools are: 

  • Gas-powered tools  
  • Electric powered tools 

These tools use Gas energy as well as Electricity to run respectively. Their power sources affirm convenience thus they should be well taken care of. 

In this section, we have two types( compressors and inflators) which are even broken further into two other forms. i.e. Portable and stationary types. 

However, considering the power source for these types of hand tools; we have Gas-powered air compressors and Electric-powered air compressors(corded & battery-powered). 

Husky gives you a broad range of preferences for gas and electric powered compressors with a longer runtime and exclusive power compared to other brands. 

Looking into inflators, they are classified into two kinds i.e. corded and cordless inflators. Husky produces high quality and durable inflators. 

Unexpected Extra! 

Does Husky Offer a Warranty for Its Products? 

Yes, a lifetime warranty! Husky hand tools come along with a lifetime warranty just in case your tool gets damaged or a part gets fractured. You can always go back for repair or if the tool is beyond restoration, they’ll give you a new one unconditionally. 

However, for one to receive a new product or get the broken tool repaired, your tool will be examined and checked if it’s production date lies from the year 2015 and beyond. 

All you need to redeem your warranty is the original receipt of the product. Therefore, it’s always advisable to keep your receipt well after buying the tool, you might need it later on! 

With this kind of amazing service, my answer to a husky tools user/customer asking “who makes husky tools?” my recommendation would be; “home depot, the professional all-time husky tool producers.”  

You can order and acquire husky tools from Amazon online considering the type you want. However, we just can’t put out other brands’ flame by not checking out what they offer. Take your time and carefully choose the type of brand you prefer when in need of a husky tool; considering your location, income, quality preferences, level of convenience, and most importantly the kind of work you are up to. Check out a selection of the best husky cabinets for the garage.

Who Makes Husky Tools – Conclusion

Many brands have come up with hand tools that are convenient in their own way. Some produce cheaper tools while others offer expensive tools. 

It’s always a smarter choice going for the expensive ones because they are of high quality as well. If durability and high quality are what you’re into, then haste shouldn’t be any good for you; take as much time as you want when deciding the best and appropriate tool for your needs, thank me later. 

With all the above information, I’ll make my conclusion hoping you already know the answer to your question. Enjoy your mechanical part of life using the wide variety of high-quality husky hand tools and make your tasks and projects a big success. 

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