UWS vs Weatherguard [The Complete Buyer's Guide]

UWS vs Weatherguard

If the tool storage market presented you products from only two manufacturers—Weatherguard and UWS, which would you go for? If your buying decision is driven by the need to get a premium tool storage solution that guarantees durability and reliability, while still ensuring the safety of your tools, then you should read this UWS vs Weatherguard review guide.

In order to choose the right toolbox, you have to read its reviews. Here are the best toolbox reviews.

Who Exactly Is UWS?

UWS is a widely trusted and renowned USA-based company that creates heavy-duty and durable storage carriers, truck accessories, and toolboxes. UWS has three well-known manufacturing facilities in Texas, Florida, and Georgia. The company’s headquarters are in Perry, Florida.

UWS is dedicated to the creation of top-of-the-line truck boxes, transfer tanks, and toolboxes. They offer high-strength American-style low profile tool boxes, cargo carriers, and fuel tanks, engineered specially to solve most storage needs.

UWS uses superior welding technologies to seamlessly produce aluminum toolboxes that are as durable and solid as steel boxes. They’re highly committed to manufacturing high-quality and heavy-duty aluminum-welded toolboxes that are both easy-to-use and affordable.

Just because they’re made of aluminum instead of steel doesn’t mean they don’t last long. In fact, UWS offers secure storage solutions engineered solidly to last a lifetime. If you thin UWS might be the brand for you, check out our top pick UWS tool box from Amazon.

Who Exactly is Weatherguard?

If you’ve ever shopped for toolboxes, you’ve likely heard about Weatherguard. Weatherguard is a storage solutions manufacturer with a global reputation in creating drawer units, truck racks, truck boxes, cabinets, and shelving. They’re designed to make it fun and easy to organize your truck bed while delivering optimal security against weather elements and theft.

They’re the leading manufacturer of high-end and premium toolboxes. All these boxes feature superior novelty, functionality, and superior styling. Click here to see common types of toolboxes.

UWS VS Weatherguard—Quick Look on Product Features

UWS vs Weatherguard which would you opt for? If the opportunity presents itself for you to identify toolboxes from either Weather Guard or UWS, not knowing which products to choose can mess you big time. Check out these features and qualities, making most of the toolboxes from weather guard and UWS.

Materials and finishing

Weather Guard’s storage solutions are manufactured of thick and sturdy heavy-duty aluminum. Most of them have a rugged diamond plate design and superior strength and functionality. Some Weather Guard products come in metallic and black finishes, but most of them are powder-coated to deliver a stylish and durable look.

UWS storage solutions are manufactured of corrosion-resistant aluminum. They feature patented foam insulation on the lids for optimal strength, durability, and ease of maintenance. Like Weather Guard storage solutions, UWS toolboxes have high-grade diamond aluminum plates. The plates are thick and solid enough to deliver lifetime durability and reliability.

Measurements and installation requirements

Weather Guard toolboxes come in multiple designs, shapes, and sizes. They’re uniquely designed to meet the storage needs of full-size and midsize trucks. Most of the boxes are installed on the truck’s bed, either across the rails, over the bed, or below the rear window. Most Weather Guard toolboxes come with high-quality and heavy-duty mounting hardware so you can secure the boxes tightly on your truck bed.

Just like the Weather Guard boxes, UWS toolboxes come in many different sizes and styles. They’re engineered specially to meet the storage needs of different trucks, including full-sized and medium-sized. The boxes come in multiple styles, and so the installation requirements differ from one toolbox model to the other. You can find both huge and small boxes, depending on your budget, storage needs, and performance preferences.

Strength and durability

Weather Guard toolboxes have superior protection locking mechanisms to prevent unauthorized entry by thieves. Some have retractable designs characterized by tamper-resistant, solid construction, and extra-thick aluminum to deliver optimal durability. The boxes have full-weather seals throughout the lid ideal for protecting tools against dirt, moisture, and dust. The seal works to keep your tools and items dry and clean irrespective of the weather.

UWS tool storage solutions come second after Weather Guard storage solutions. They’re durable and solid, yes, but they cannot compare to Weather Guard toolboxes. UWS toolboxes have weatherproofed stainless steel handles for keeping the lids shut tightly as well as protecting the tools against moisture and dirt. The UWS toolboxes have full hands, which ensures you can close them using your elbow. If you invest in full-weather UWS toolboxes, you won’t have to worry about durability as they’re long-lasting solutions.

Value and Pricing

If you’re looking for a high-value, life-long, and high-end toolbox and it happens you have the budget ready, Weather Guard tool storage solutions are the way to go. Weather Guard tool storage solutions are highly efficient and durable. They’re the most advanced and modern pieces of boxes that offer value for money. The problem with Weather Guard tool boxes is that they’re a bit expensive.

UWS toolboxes stand out in durability and reliability, but they are no match to Weather Guard storage solutions. UWS boxes are the ideal storage solution for people on a low budget. Of course, you fully understand that you can’t expect much in terms of value if you invest in a cheap product. While UWS toolboxes will surely serve you long enough, you shouldn’t expect much in terms of value.

UWS vs Weatherguard – Conclusion

If you put UWS and Weatherguard toolboxes on a feature scale to determine which ones overweigh the other in terms of durability, novelty, and reliability, you’ll be surprised to see Weather Guard win. However, if you’re trying to find out which ones are budget-friendly and suited for people on low budgets, you’ll notice that UWS is the real champ.

The winner will always depend on what you’re looking for and why you are actually making the comparison. In other words, each of the two brands has a unique area in which it stands out from the other, and so we cannot give a conclusive verdict on which products to buy. It’s all about your tastes and preferences.

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We hope you find the one that suits you best.

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