Common Truck Tool Box Types You Should Know

Common Truck Tool Box Types You Should Know

Toolboxes provide additional storage spacing for truck repair and maintenance tools. They offer an additional secure room to keep tools organized and safe. Truck bed toolboxes are engineered from different materials and come in multiple styles and designs. Want to learn more about the major truck tool box types, watch out for more details.

Choosing the right toolbox is very much dependent on its reviews. Here are the best toolbox reviews.

Common Truck Tool Box Types Based on Material

Before we delve into the types of toolboxes, it is also important you know how to organize a toolbox. You can find some truck toolbox organizer ideas to get started.

We only have four toolboxes categorized as per materials, which are:

Aluminum Truck Toolboxes

These are made from bent aluminum sheets. They look like rugged diamond plate patterns. Aluminum-made truck tool boxes are lightweight, durable, and anti-rust.

The boxes are solid and strong enough to resist rust and moisture. They’re manufactured to meet all quality standards alongside being solid and rocky. Also, aluminum truck tool boxes come in multiple designs and styles, some of which allow for easy accessibility and usability.

Steel Truck Tool Boxes

Steel truck boxes are heavier and stronger than aluminum boxes. Steel is the world’s number one material when it comes to manufacturing truck toolboxes. It’s a widely used material common with most toolbox brands and manufacturers.

Steel is tougher and harder. Steel-made toolboxes can strongly resist dents and moisture. The toolboxes have corrosion-resistance powder-coated walls. And so, they promise to serve you for years, ensuring you can get value for your money.

Stainless Steel Truck Tool Boxes

Stainless steel is the most solid and durable material ever used in making toolboxes. However, the manufacturing process is a bit extended and more demanding. And that’s why stainless steel toolboxes are extremely priced. Stainless toolboxes are engineered, ready to stand any damage, torture, and bad weather.

Plastic Toolboxes

The last choice of a toolbox based on material is plastic-made toolboxes. Plastic toolkits are naturally lightweight and cheap. They’re the second most popular choice after steel boxes. However, owing to their poor structural integrity, they’re not durable enough. They can’t stand extreme weather and bad treatment.

Common Types of Toolboxes Based on Location

The available toolbox types based on installation location come in limited choices. Here, we will list the most popular choices.

Rail-Top Mounted Tool Boxes

Rail-top toolboxes are mounted on the side of the rail. These boxes open from the truck side, which gives you optimal access to the stored tools or equipment. Truck rail-top mounted toolboxes are quite common among electrical and building contractors.

Most rail-top toolboxes have aluminum doors and bodies with paddled latches made of stainless steel. These truck tool boxes come in multiple lengths that fit well in different types of vehicles.

Drawer Storage Toolboxes

Drawer storage toolboxes are handy choices made of aluminum. They’re quite a popular choice among pickup truck owners looking for additional storage spaces on their truck beds. Drawer storage toolboxes are narrow and tall and sit comfortably just behind the wheel well.

These drawer toolboxes include a total of five drawers that are placed behind the locking front door. Drawer storage toolboxes can be fitted on virtually any type of truck.

Chest Truck Toolboxes

Chest truck toolbox is simply a standard garage toolbox fitted in a pickup bed. It’s simply a modified low-profile chest-style truck toolbox. These types of toolboxes are installed on the truck bed’s floor and offer adequate spacing for keeping multiple sizes and types of tools.

You can access these toolboxes through the single lid. Chest truck tool boxes have a minimalist design and are easy to install.

Side Mounted Truck Toolboxes

These toolbox types are installed on the rail side. It includes a notch-in that enables it to sit well into your truck box and over the side rail. Side-mounted truck tool boxes are mostly opened from the top end. They’ve got gas struts ideal for holding the box to ease opening.

Side-mounted truck tool boxes come in multiple shapes and sizes fit for installation into different types and brands of pickup trucks.

Cross Bed Truck Toolboxes

Crossbed truck tool boxes fit well in the truck bed’s front just below the truck’s rear window. Cross bed truck toolboxes are essentially manufactured from heavy-duty aluminum. These boxes have small trays where you can store your smaller items and tools.

The standard crossbed truck toolboxes are ideal for full-sized trucks. You can find custom toolbox styles and sizes, though. Most crossbed truck tool boxes are made from heavy-duty and solid aluminum material. These boxes are super versatile and durable. They are worth buying if you’re thinking of adding a valuable addition to your truck that would help you secure your tools in style.

Fifth Wheel Boxes

The next favorite truck toolbox type is the fifth wheel toolkit. This type of box is uniquely created to minimize hindrance when you’re trying to attach a trailer. Fifth wheel boxes should be installed on the truck bed’s floor.

You’ll find multiple shapes and types of fifth wheel toolboxes. All you’ve to do is to identify a box that matches your quality and size preferences.

Wheel Well Truck Tool Boxes

When buying truck tool boxes, you can as well opt for wheel well boxes. These are narrow and tall boxes engineered to be installed on the truck bed’s floor. They take up the spacing after the rear wheel well humps. These boxes swing on hinges, providing quality access to stored items.

Truck Tool Box Types – Conclusion

Thinking of investing in truck tool boxes but not sure where and how to go about it? All the truck tool box types mentioned above are currently available for sale. You can opt for ones that meet your truck bed styling and cargo storage needs.

Evaluate the toolboxes well to know which ones to buy, depending on your preferences and budget. There are multiple brands and models of truck toolboxes that are manufactured from steel, plastic, aluminum, and stainless steel. They’ll come in multiple styles and design choices, and have different installation requirements. 

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