Truck Tool Box Sizes

Truck Tool Box Sizes

When choosing a truck to box, you have to make sure that it is the right size for your purpose. If it is not the right size, you will not get the best out of your truck toolbox. In this post, we are going to discuss truck tool box sizes. We hope this discussion will help you make an informed buying decision. 

Choosing the Perfect Size

You have to choose a truck toolbox that fits your truck and meets your needs. To determine the perfect size, you have to measure your truck the right way. Important measurements include the distance between the rails and the distance between the bed walls. 

If your tools are organized, you will find them easily, and one sure way is to have a good truck toolbox checklist. A truck toolbox makes the process of organizing a lot easier. It also ensures safety and security. You spend money buying a truck toolbox so that your tools are safe and secure. 

In order to choose the right toolbox, you have to learn about your options. Reading some reviews is one of the best ways to learn about toolboxes. Here are some toolbox reviews that will help you learn more about toolboxes. Read the reviews before you choose a particular toolbox.

The size of a truck toolbox depends on its purposes. Below we are going to discuss different sizes of toolboxes depending on their purposes

70-inch truck toolbox, for an average user

For an average user, a 70-inch truck toolbox can be a good choice. The Lo-Pro Slimline Crossbed truck box is a high-quality 70-inch truck toolbox. It has an Aluminium body construction which is pretty sturdy. It is pretty good for basic use, and it does not take much space on your truck bed. Of all truck tool box sizes, this is the most common.

The box also comes with a lid brace which adds to its strength. Once you have installed this box you can be pretty sure that your tools will be safe. The self-adjusting strikers are also notable. They make closure secure. The box is sturdy and very easy to use. You can install it even if you have no prior experience. 

49-inch truck toolbox, for a heavy user

If you are looking for a sturdy and functional toolbox for heavy use, you can consider getting TMS aluminum tool storage. This affordable, 49-inch toolbox is built for withstanding abuse. 

It measures 49 by 15 by 15 inches. This is an ideal truck toolbox for storing heavy-duty tools in your vehicle. Made from Aluminium, the box has a bright finish. Thanks to the Aluminium body, the box is protected from the elements. Even if there are weather hazards, your tools will always be secure. 

60-inch box, for users that require greater visibility

If you are looking for a truck toolbox that can be easily seen from the cab, here is a great option for you. Although this low-profile box has a slim design, it offers an adequate storage room. It is not a large toolbox, so it does not take up much space in your truck bed. This is one of the well-known truck tool box sizes.

It has self-adjusting strikers and reinforced lid brace. The box has form pads that do not let your tools come in contact with one another. This box offers easy mounting of bolts and nuts. 

Attractive box with 6.3 cubic feet capacity, for all-purpose use

You need a toolbox but not for any particular purpose. In this case, you can get an all-purpose truck toolbox. Poly All-purpose Chest is such a toolbox. You can easily mount it on your truck floor. The box can be used for storing many different types of tools. It is not a large toolbox, so you can move it easily. 

The box comes with built-in carrying handles that are very comfortable to hold. Thanks to the high-quality material of the box, the tools do not dent or rust. It is suitable for many different applications. Thanks to the double-wall lead, your tools are always safe and secure. 

Removable toolbox, ideal for any purpose

Truck owners often have to face a major problem and the problem is fitting the toolbox in the vehicle. If you are looking for a toolbox for general purposes, you can use a removable toolbox. Removable toolboxes are designed in such a way that they can be folded. 

Measuring Your Truck For a Tool Box

Before you buy a toolbox, you have to measure the bed of your truck. You can not choose the right toolbox without measuring the truck bed. Here are three simple steps that will help you measure it. 

Find out the distance between the bed rails

This distance should be the width of your toolbox. Find the exact distance between the bed rails and write it down. For the length of a toolbox, two measurements are taken into consideration: the narrower base and the wider top. 

Find the height of the bed walls

How tall is your truck bed? Measure the distance between the rail top and the floor bed. It should be the maximum height of the box. A standard box does not usually extend to the floor. However, if the box is oversized, it will not fit properly. 

Measure the distance between the bulkhead and the base of the wheel wells

How much clearance will the box have between the bulkhead and the bottom of wheel wells? Find the exact distance. Whether a full-size truck bed is short or long, it is not supposed to have any clearance issue. But mid-size beds often have these issues. 

Other Considerations

Yes, it is important to learn about different truck tool box sizes. But there are some other important considerations. A toolbox is not just for storing your tools; it also keeps your tools organized, and therefore you can easily find the tools when you need them. If you do not waste time looking for a tool, you can be more efficient at work. 

Another important consideration is security. Tools are expensive, and a truck toolbox keeps your tools safe and secure. If you have large tools, you may need to buy a toolbox with large compartments. 

Accessibility is another factor to consider. If you need to use your toolbox frequently, you should be able to access your tools in the easiest possible way. So, you have to make sure that the tools are easy to reach. 

You should also consider the cargo capacity of the toolbox. How much room does the box have? We have discussed truck tool box sizes, and you already know some facts about the toolboxes of different sizes. 

A toolbox can be made from plastic, steel, or aluminum. The durability of a toolbox depends on the material it is made from. Plastic is not a very good choice. Steel and aluminum are good choices. 


Truck tool boxes come in different sizes, and you have to know what size you actually need. If you are not careful about it, you may end up choosing the wrong size. Being able to take basic measurements is the precondition of choosing the right size toolbox. We have discussed everything you need to know about truck tool box sizes, and we hope you will choose the perfect size.

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