Storing Paint in Garage

Storing Paint in Garage

Where do you store the remaining paint? Obviously your garage is the next savior in most homes. Paint can spoil easily with poor storage conditions. For instance, the paint will always gel or separate when stored in an unheated garage. It is advisable to keep your paint in a better place like a utility closet, however, if you do not have one, we got the following possible ways of storing paint in garage. 

What Makes It Hard To Store Paint In The Garage   

The garage is a pretty good extra space for storage, however, most are not designed with conditions needed to keep paint okay. Here are the main highlights. 

Uncontrolled temperatures  

First, if your garage has a temperature control system in place, you can skip this part. For most garages, the temperatures are left to stand alone, why should you control the temperature for a toolbox or a broken chair anyway? However, paint needs to be stored at a specified temperature.

If you risk and store your paint in the garage during winter, don’t be surprised to find your paint frozen. 

Frozen paint isn’t necessarily spoilt, there are a few tips to decide whether you paint is spoilt or redeemable. When temperatures shoot in the garage during summer, your paint might survive for a short period, but not through summer. Too hot temperatures cause exploration of elements like water and others. Such high-temperature-beaten paint loses consistency and color.  


You notice that some paints come in iron cans. Such cans can easily rust if exposed to humid conditions during storage. The garage, especially during winter, shall be very humid without a heater in place. The result is that your paint cans shall rust and in turn affect your paint. The floor is especially the worst place when it comes to humidity issues in the garage. 


Most at times, no matter how hard you fight them, pests and residents shall be in a garage. Whether you like it or not, before they realize it’s just paint, they have to temper with it. In case you left your used paint in open cans, then, prepare to have a spilled paint situation.  

So, How Do You Overcome The Challenges Of Storing Paint In  Garage?  

As much as it is discouraged, keeping paint in your garage is possible as long as you prepare it for the same. The logic is simple, we clearer the issues identified above and improve on other aspects to make our garage, or a section of it, ready to keep paint. 

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Install heating mechanisms in your garage  

As hinted earlier, the winter is too cold and shall sure freeze your paint if not taken care of. Take advantage of that space in your garage and install kerosene or electric heater. This shall ensure steady room temperature is maintained in your garage. Please note that for a kerosene heater, you have to keep checking that the temperature is ideal. 

Alternatively, you can extend your central cooling system to the garage. However, be prepared to use more energy cooling and hence higher electricity bills.  

Prepare shelves   

Humid areas are not the best areas to keep paint given the effect of rust on iron containers for paint.  To stay away from trouble, You have to raise some shelves to keep your paints. This way, you paint shall stay off the humid garage floor. Shelves shall also help you avoid pests that could possibly tamper with your stored paint, however, some still get to it.  

The ideal storage temperature for paint and spray storage is usually 55-80 F. You have to attain this before storing your paint in the garage, or else, you’re going to deal with busting spray paint cans.  

So, how do you prepare shelves for keeping paint in your garage   

There are two options for this. You can either get to work with locally available materials if you are that skilled DIYer. On the other hand, you can gather material and let a professional make it for you. It shall take time and might not give the desired results. 

We strongly advise that you go for a ready-made garage cabinet to solve this issue easily, effectively, and faster. All you gotta do is find the best husky garage cabinet that feet your needs and garage. Smart homeowners know smart and easy ways to solve issues, and today, we added one to the pile. 

Cover in case you have leftover paint & keep away from flames   

After a long day’s painting task, you need to find somewhere to safely keep the remaining paint. If the temperatures are temperature, and you only want to hold the paint overnight, you can let the cans sit in your garage. 

Always remember to replace the lid and cover the paint container tightly. This prevents spills from your paint. If you have anything like an old battery in your garage that can cause a spark or a flame, storing open paint cans in such a garage is a recipe for a fire emergency. Ensure that you secure your garage from flames or anything that might cause flames. 

Label the containers   

In case you are storing paint in garage in different containers other than the original, labeling is important. It shall help you avoid confusion when you need the paint again. It also helps in easy organization and searching. 

Storing Paint In Garage – Conclusion  

You are now fully prepared to store paint in your garage. Depending on the type and state of your garage, you might need less or more capital to get it to paint-storing standards. The main issues you are fighting here are dump conditions and extreme temperatures. Install heating or any other temperature control mechanism. 

Remember to keep your paint in a closed garage cabinet for safety and to avoid dump floor conditions, in fact, there is no safe way of storing paint in garage other than locking it in a garage cabinet. 

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