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MonsterRax Vs SafeRacks [The Definitive Guide]

Homeowners looking to organize their garage space with sturdy shelving often find themselves trying to decide between two of the biggest names in garage organization: MonsterRax vs SafeRacks - which brand is better? This definitive comparison guide will offer you a side-by-side look at these two competitors in order to help you make an informed decision.

Overhead Garage Storage Comparison

Both brands boast multiple forms of shelving units. We'll tackle each in turn. To start, let's look at their ceiling-mounted options. For this comparison, we looked at the two most reviewed products MonsterRax and SafeRacks had listed on Amazon. We figured that since both had such a large number of reviews, they would be truly representative of product quality.

MonsterRax vs SafeRacks Comparison

Product Name




Weight Capacity


500 lbs

$ $ $

600 lbs

$ $ $ $

As far as the two brands' overhead systems go, it's a really close tie. Let's look at each factor individually.


If you are looking for an economical option, MonsterRax is definitely the way to go. You'll save a pretty penny with this option without sacrificing too much. SafeRacks does have some reason to cost more, as we'll see in the other feature comparisons.


Honestly, these are both very sturdy systems. They are constructed of industrial strength steel wire mesh. They aren't going anywhere fast, and as long as you stick to the weight limits, they should last you a very long time. And both come with a limited lifetime warranty, so even if there are defects it should be easy enough to replace for free.

MonsterRax scores slightly higher in this category because it relies on grade 8 case hardened lag bolts, which promise the safest securing to your ceiling possible.


Again, this is a close match up. Both systems are super simple to install. Many online reviews boast of how easy installation was even as a one-man job. SafeRacks takes the lead by a hair because they have a full-support center ready to answer any questions you have, just in case you do struggle with installation.

Weight Capacity

Weight capacity is actually what justifies SafeRacks higher price point. This is one feature where the question of MonsterRax vs SafeRacks is a no brainer. While both units have the same 4'x8' dimensions, MonsterRax can only support 500 lbs, compared to SafeRacks 600.

With a full 100 lb difference, we have to declare SafeRacks the clear victor in this category.

MonsterRax vs SafeRacks - Final Thoughts

In the end, these two really are too close to call. It comes down to personal taste and needs. If you are on a budget, MonsterRax will not disappoint. It's a quality product that will serve your needs. If you are willing to invest a little bit more and spring for the SafeRacks, you'll enjoy a good deal of extra weight capacity.

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