Is Husky a Good Tool Brand?

Is Husky a Good Tool Brand?

Away from all the blows and whistles, let’s tackle it head-on, is Husky a good tool brand? Well, we leave you to decide. However, we dug into this question and decided that research does better. The facts we collected about husky tools shall help you decide whether husky is a good tool brand or not. 

Before we sink to the details, let’s hint that husky, from what we found out is a really good tool brand. They offer a lot that other brands have not yet dared offer, for instance, replacing broken tools from other brands for free! A lifetime warranty and quality. Let the impact of such quality talk for the brand.

A Short History Of Husky Tool Brand

Husky tool brand, now a house brand for home depot started in 1924 in Milwaukee by Sigmund Mandl. Later in 1929, Sigmund sold husky to Olsen manufacturing. After this, husky went through a number of owners and evolution. In 1992, home depot acquired husky and has natured it to the current status.

We tell this history to give you a picture of the life husky has had. Having existed since 1924 to present proves quality. They couldn’t have survived all these years by supplying cheap poor quality products. So from their history, we can trust the brand for surviving for such a long time. 

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Is Husky A Good Tool Brand? Yes, Because, Husky Oozes Quality 

Husky tools have a proven taste of quality. You might be aware that husky tools have some of their products with a lifetime warranty. What does that mean, you get to use that husky tool for a lifetime without issues, and in case of issues, the got you covered with another.

The next stunt that proved the quality of husky is their exchange program. That is, you could take a proven or worn-out tool from other brands and get a free replacement with a husky version. This kind of confidence proved and still proves the high-quality taste that husky maintains.

What Do Previous Customers Of Husky Tools Say?  

Husky under Home depot has done great in assuring us of the durability of their tools from the quality. However, we thought getting it from the horse’s mouth proves the point much better. We sourced for organic previous customers and this is what they had to say.

One noted customer, Scott Richards says that his experience with husky tools has been a hit or miss. He however testifies of the quality, highlighting a 2-stage air compressor that is still in shape ten years down the line. 

On the ‘miss’ he highlights their wretches and pliers only take a short time, like 1-2 years. So according to him, Husky has concentrated on some tools quality while failing on others. You can check out his answer here.

2 previous customers here weren’t satisfied with the manufacturing process of husky tools. They claim that husky tools are manufactured in China, the sockets, wrenches, and screwdriver. The only exception here is the very costly ones like the Wright/snap-on/mac products. 

This raises quite a good concern, but after digging for details, we found a number of prototypes that clone Husky tools to take advantage of the brand’s popularity. So, again, when shopping for the best husky tools, like the best husky cabinets for garage, check and ensure they are from a verified seller. Husky tools aren’t cheap, therefore, whenever you find that tempting price, avoiding it shall be wise.

An Amazon verified buyer of the multi-use pliers set says that their quality is pretty above the bar with good performance. He however raises the concern of the easy rusting aspect of these pliers. Some complaints are not that substantial given that husky gives a lifetime warranty on these pliers. You can check out their feedback here.

Another user on Reddit, themayker testifies the quality of husky tools. He confirms that he was offered a lifetime warranty for the tools he ought but has never had to use it. However, the same customer proceeds to complain about the quality of their air tools. 

After buying a compressor kit, it never lasted to see the 5th lug. Still, his views tally with the previous customer on a different platform, that is, some of their tools are made with very high-quality standards while some are neglected. You can check out his answer here.  

So, What Do We Find Out? Is Husky A Good Tool Brand Or Not?  

Husky is a tool brand that has stood the test of time. Since its foundation in 1924, it has survived all the shifts and challenges due to one thing, and that is the quality that customers get. So as much as they shift ownership and such, customers have been loyal to the product.

Most of their products come with a lifetime warranty which has been confirmed by previous customers. Actually, one of the owners of a husky 2-stage air compressor confirms that despite the lifetime warranty, his tools have never had a miss that necessitated the use of the warranty.

Husky is made by Stanley. As much as some of their tools are made in china, the quality has remained the same. For most buyers, they have testified to have used their tools for over ten years without an issue, that’s enough to help us guess on the quality.

Is Husky A Good Tool Brand? – Conclusion 

We conclude that Husky is a good tool brand due to the above-highlighted reasons. Customers have testified of the super-ability of their tools to last. However, due to the good brand record, a number of crafty manufacturers are producing counterfeit husky tools that are sold abnormally cheap. 

One major complaint that previous customers have was the high price, therefore, if you come across a very low price promising husky tools, you need to run. We have proven that paying a high price for value ends up being cheap in the long run and vise verse, choose wisely!

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