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Garage Roof Leaking? Here’s What To Do

Even with the best overhead garage storage, one homeowner hazard can ruin your day like no other: your garage roof leaking.

Not only does it mean you’ve got roof damage to take care of, but odds are good that a lot of your stuff could get ruined if you don’t catch the problem soon enough.

If you find out that you’ve got a garage roof leaking, don’t fret. Follow these simple steps to minimize the damage and get your home back in order ASAP.

Move Your Stuff!

First up, move your valuables away from the garage ceiling leak. If you are storing anything on the floor, that should be easy enough to slide elsewhere or move into your house (depending on how big the leak is).

If you’ve constructed our DIY overhead garage storage pulley system, you’ll want to lower all of the ropes that are in the infected area so that you can remove your possessions and keep the ropes from getting wet. Likewise, if you have overhead garage ceiling racks, be sure to empty them as soon as possible. If yours rely on plywood, temporarily remove it as the leak could easily warp your shelving.

Assess the Overhead Garage Damage and More

Once your valuables are secure, you’ve got to investigate the most expensive possession you own: your home! Water likes to travel. It will follow rafters or other horizontal surfaces incredibly far. So, you’ve got to closely inspect your garage roof leaking to determine the source and the extent of the damage.

It might actually start at a higher point in your roof. Or, the leak might originate in the garage and worm its way towards your walls and insulation.

The important thing is to assess the damage fast because the leak won’t fix itself. If you let it linger, it could lead to serious rot, warping, or mold.

Call a Professional Roofer

Roofing jobs are one bit of home-ownership that we don’t recommend a do-it-yourself approach for.

There is just too much at stake. You risk your health if you slip and fall. And you risk serious property damage if you fail to adequately repair the garage roof leaking yourself.

Don’t settle for the first result that pops up on Google, though. Take your time to read reviews and ask for referrals. A roofer’s ranking in search engines doesn’t say anything about their expertise. It just tells you how much they’ve invested in marketing!

Beware Garage Ceiling Leak Storm Chasers

And, if your garage roof is leaking as a result of a dangerous storm, beware of “storm chasers”. These are nefarious salesmen who go door-to-door following major weather events and use high pressure tactics to trick people into hiring them. Often, the work they do is shoddy and you never hear from them again.

While a garage roof leaking does need to be handled quickly, it is rarely an emergency. Unless you’ve got a gaping hole in your garage ceiling, you can afford to spend a few days shopping around to find the best roofer for you.

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