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6 Perfect Garage Ceiling Storage Ideas to Maximize Your Space

Looking to add more to your square footage in your garage? These 5 garage ceiling storage ideas are the perfect way to use the most overlooked stowing spot in your home.

Overhead Garage Storage Rack

Finding the best overhead garage storage rack for your home can literally revolutionize the space you have. Typical racks come in 4×8 or 3×6 sizes, though more varieties are available. Mix and match until you find the options that make the most use of your available space.

A good garage ceiling rack can be used to store bins, hang bikes, stow accessories, hold outdoor toys, and more. Typically, they are made of heavy steel and can support up to 600 lbs.

Garage Lifts

A garage lift is like a ceiling rack, but more convenient. Basically, rather than the rack itself being installed into your garage ceiling, you install retractable cables. Then, using either a manual or motorized winch, you can raise or lower the actual rack portion.

This is perfect for the elderly or mobility-challenged. It provides a simple and safe way to load and unload your ceiling storage space. The only problem is that you have to keep the floor underneath clean so that you actually have space to lower the goods!

Ceiling Tote Storage

This is one of the most innovative garage ceiling storage ideas we’ve ever seen. Instead of racks or shelves, you install non-obtrusive rails into the ceiling. Then you will slide heavy duty totes through these rails, which basically makes them look like they are floating at the top of your garage!

Ceiling tote storage is perfect if you have a lot of small goods that need to be contained in bins or if you have a particularly low ceiling without room to spare for shelves. It’s also great in the event that you discover your garage roof leaking. Because your goods are stored in secure, water tight bins, they won’t be damaged by a roof leak.

Overhead Ladder Storage

Don’t you just hate trying to find somewhere to store your ladders? Hanging it on the wall is one option, but that just takes up so much space for something that you are only using on occasion. Why not make things so much more convenient with overhead ladder storage for your garage?

It’s the perfect way to keep your ladder out of the way but still within easy access whenever you need it.

DIY Garage Ceiling Storage

While there are plenty of store bought solutions, why not try one of the many DIY garage ceiling storage ideas out there on the web? A little plywood combined with some 2 by 4s or metal framing can make for a fun job for a Saturday afternoon while also freeing up tons of space in your garage!

Garage Ceiling Bike Storage

Bikes are such a drain on garage space—especially if you’ve got kids. Rather than let them pile up on the floor or lean haphazardly on the wall, you can install handy ceiling hooks for your bikes. Many times, this overhead bike storage can be attached directly to your existing ceiling racks. 

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