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DIY Overhead Garage Storage Pulley System

Don’t want to invest in expensive overhead garage storage? Fancy a bit of do-it-yourself work? Looking for a fun project that will ease your storage problems and free up floor space in your garage? This DIY overhead garage storage pulley system is for you.

It provides a clever, innovative way to hang light to medium items directly from your garage ceiling and then lower them down when necessary. It’s one of our favorite garage ceiling storage ideas, and we hope it becomes one of yours too!

Step 1: Measure Your Wood and Cut It

First, you’ll need to cut yourself 2 lengths of 2 by 4, each one should be 4 feet in length. Remember the old adage to measure twice, cut once.

Step 2: Add Eye Bolts

On one piece of wood, use a pencil to mark out space for 12 eye bolts. They should be placed on two sets of parallel lines at even intervals—6 to a line. Once you’ve measured and marked, go ahead and screw in the eye bolts. These are where you will eventually attach the pulleys.

Step 3: Add Rope Supports

Next, use the other plank of wood to attach 12 rope supports. Like the eye bolts, these should be added at equal intervals.

Step 4: Fasten the Planks to the Wall

Once you’ve got your planks made up, it’s time to attach them to the wall. The eye bolt plan should be attached to the wall, just where it meets the ceiling. The other plank should be fastened directly below it at about shoulder height (or whatever height is convenient for you to operate from).

Be sure to always install your planks on strong studs to avoid any chance of hazard.

Step 5: Add Your Pulleys and Rope

Start by installing 12 pulleys on your ceiling, at varying points in line with the first plank. Next, hang a pulley from each of the eyebolts. Then, run a separate rope through each pulley on the ceiling, then through an unused plank pulley, and finally wrap each rope around a rope support.

Now you can lower the raise or lower the ropes along the wall in order to make the ropes ascend or descend from the ceiling. Simply tie the items that you want to store to a rope, hoist it up, and tie it off. Instant convenience! How’s that for a DIY overhead garage storage pulley system?

DIY Overhead Garage Storage Pulley System Safety Tips

Before you go gung-ho with your new garage pulley system, keep in mind a few safety tips.

  • Make sure that you always install in studs.
  • Know the capacity of your pulleys, your ceiling, and your rope. 
  • If you have kids, install the rope supports at a height above their reach. Do not let them use pulley system on their own.

Garage Overhead Storage DIY – Final Thoughts

If you aren’t in the mood for all the work involved in our DIY garage storage pulley system, there is always the store-bought route. Check out our list of the best overhead garage storage systems to find something that will work just right for your needs.

Or, see this Pulley System from Partsam on Amazon that might do the trick for you. It’s easy to install, can hold up to 220 pounds, and is operated with the push of a button.

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