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Best Toolbox for Electrician Reviews: Top 5 List With Buyer’s Guide

Electrician Toolbox Comparison Table

Product Name






Best Overall

Polyester Fabric

43 Pockets


Best for Professionals

Structural Foam

21.26 x 12.6 x 15.75 in


Best for Beginners

Cordura Fabric

20 Pockets


Most Secure


3 Drawers + Top Tray


Most Portable

Structural Foam

4 Variable Layers


Whether you're shopping for yourself or looking for a gift for the hard working electrician in your life, you want to know that you are choosing the best toolbox for electrician gear.

Choosing the right toolbox means always having space for the tools that you use on a daily basis. The tools you bring to every job. But not all tool boxes are good for an electrician. Some are too heavy, some are too shoddily made, and others just aren't organized well to fit the wide variety of equipment that an electrician needs on hand.

And that's exactly why we wrote this review round up. We've examined some of the top brands of tool boxes in order to determine which ones are actually suited to the electrical trade. In this post, we'll start by offering a buyer's guide to help you know what to look for in an electrician's toolbox. After that, we'll offer our in-depth analysis of some of our top picks.

Top 5 Best Toolbox For Electrician Reviews

Best Overall Toolbox for Electricians

Custom Leathercraft 43 Pocket Electrical and Maintenance Tool Carrier

Let's get this review started off right. This 43 pocket bad boy is constructed of a tough polyester fabric that will stand up to the test of time. Furthermore, as you can tell from it's name, it has a TON of storage pockets. Big pockets, little pockets, pockets in-between.

Pockets! Pockets! Pockets!

It even comes with a sealing plastic storage tray with dividers to store your bits, hardware, and tiny electronics. Basically, this bad boy has enough variety in storage sizes to contain most all of your standard daily electrical gear.

Pretty much the only thing possible drawback of this electrician's tote is that it doesn't lock. But, for most users that simply isn't a real issue. That's why the  43 Pocket Custom Leathercraft gets our vote for Best Overall Toolbox for Electricians.

Final Rating: 5 / 5

Best Overall Toolbox for Electricians


  • Tons of space
  • Large variety of pocket sizes
  • Durable fabric material
  • Plastic storage tray included


  • Does not lock

Best Toolbox for Professional Electricians

DEWALT ToughSystem Extra Large Tool Box

If you are looking for something tough and secure to store your electrical tools, the DEWALT ToughSystem Extra Large Tool Box has got you covered.  ToughSystem is DEWALT's line of modular storage solutions. That means that each product in the line can be combined easily with the others. This modularity allows you to build the storage system that you need as your tool collection grows.

While there are a lot of products in the ToughSystem, this Extra Large Electrical Tools Box struck us as the ideal starter piece for electricians for a few different reasons. For starters, it offers a lot of storage space and a very high weight capacity. You can safely carry 110 lbs of gear in this big guy.

Additionally, it is constructed of a plastic-like structural foam that provides sturdy protection and is also completely water sealed. You don't have to worry about a rainy or moist environment leading to a box full of rusty tools.

Finally, when combined with the ToughSystem Carrier Trolley, you can wheel this unit around with ease (meaning you can actually transport those 110 lbs of gear!). 

Overall, we consider the DEWALT Tough System Extra Large Tool Box to be our choice for Best Toolbox For Professional Electricians. It is perfect if you've got a ton of gear you need to transport. If you are a hobbyist or still growing your equipment selection, you may want to opt for a smaller model.

Final Rating: 4 / 5

Best Electrical Tools Box for Professionals


  • Massive weight capacity
  • Lots of storage space
  • Heavy duty material
  • Water tight seal


  • Bigger than many people need
  • Requires trolley unit for maximum benefit

Best Toolbox for Beginner Electricians

Greenlee Journeyman's 21-Piece Tool Kit

The Greenlee Journeyman's 21-Piece Tool Kit is a little bit different in our line up because it is more than simply a storage case. It is actually an all-in-one unit that comes with both storage AND the tools. Specifically, this kit comes with all the basic hand tools that a beginner electrician will need on the job.

The case is actually tough fabric caddy meant to be carried or worn on the job. It is designed to easily fit the 21-piece tool kit that comes with the entire package.  That includes multiple different types of pliers, wire cutters, wire strippers, screw drivers, and more. And, Greenlee has been manufacturing tools for 150 years, so you know they are of the highest quality. 

This is the perfect gift for that person in your life who is just getting started with their training as an electrician and needs to gear up quickly. We rate the Greenlee Journeyman's Tool Kit as the Best Toolbox for Beginner Electricians.

Final Rating: 4.5 / 5

Best Toolbox for Beginner Electricians


  • Includes 21 tools that every electrician needs
  • Perfect gift for trainees / new students
  • Trustworthy 150 year-old brand


  • Pricier because it comes with tools
  • Doesn't have space for tools beyond those included

Most Secure Toolbox for Electricians

Homak 20-Inch 3-Drawer Ball-Bearing Toolbox

Sometimes, you just want a classic red toolbox made from sturdy metal. That's exactly what the Homak 20-Inch 3-Drawer Ball-Bearing Toolbox offers. It is made from professional-grade steel, providing maximum durability and a sleek look. Furthermore, this box features dual-latch closing and a pad lock for extra security.

Most impressive of all, though, is the storage capability of this Homak tool box. It includes 3 pull-out drawers that use a ball bearing glide system to ensure smooth operation. The top flips open as well to reveal an additional storage layer. You'll never run out of ways to organize your electrician tools with this model.

Because of the padlock and heavy duty steel construction, we rate this one the Most Secure Toolbox for Electricians. And speaking of security, if you happen to have a pickup and are looking for a way to keep your tools safe on the go, check out our line up of the most secure truck tool box you can find on the market.

Final Rating: 4 / 5

Most Secure Toolbox for Electricians


  • 3 pull-out drawers
  • Lockable
  • Steel construction


  • Some users complain of drawers not staying closed well

Best Electrician Tool Cart

Stanley FatMax Mobile Work Station

The Stanley FatMax Mobile Work Station is the Cadillac of electrician toolboxes. It is basically a large, multi-sectioned, collapsible storage unit on wheels. An electrician tool cart, if you will. It features four distinct storage spaces, which slide out via cantilever, and can all be made accessible at once:

  • The lid opens up to become a portable tray.
  • The top section functions as a standard toolbox.
  • The next layer features divided storage for small parts.
  • The bottom is a deep bin for storing larger items. 

While you might think that all of this would cost a pretty penny, this is actually one of the more affordable options in our list. And coming from a brand like Stanley, you know the quality will be above industry standards.

Additionally because it is a self-contained unit on wheels, you can roll this guy around with you to any job. The only downside is it might be a little bit larger than some people need. In the end, the FatMax makes our list as the Best Portable Toolbox  for Electricians.

Final Rating: 4.5 / 5

Best Portable Toolbox for Electricians


  • Great price for what you get
  • 4 unique storage spaces
  • Wheels for extra portability


  • Bigger than many people need

Buyer’s Guide: How to Choose the Best Toolbox for Electrician

Before we dive into the reviews of the best toolbox for electrician work, let's look at three things you need to keep in mind when choosing the one for you.  By understanding your needs before you buy, you'll have a better chance of actually finding something that fits perfectly. The last thing you want is to have to return your electrician's toolbox and start the whole buying process over again. 

Toolbox Material

One of the most important factors to consider is the material that the toolbox is made out of. There are 3 standard options to choose from, each with their own share of pros and cons.

Steel tool boxes are the sturdiest, but also the most expensive.  A good quality steel toolbox should last you at least a decade, maybe longer. One of the biggest drawbacks to a steel box is the weight. Your tools themselves are already going to be pretty heavy. Add that weight to a heavy steel tool box and you are going to have some sore arms and mobility troubles.

Structural foam tool boxes are often a good choice for journeyman electricians or people who are on a budget. Foam is cheap, lightweight, and gets the job done. It's also not particularly sturdy, of course. So you can expect to have to replace a foam tool box for electricians more often.

Fabric tool bags aren't technically a "box", but they can serve the same purpose for an electrician. Fabrics like nylon are lightweight and sturdy. It's also flexible, which makes it easy to fit in your truck or van with all your other gear. In fact, one survey on ElectricianTalk found that 53% of electricians preferred a nylon tote. So it is a pretty popular material.

Your Electrical Gear

Obviously, one of the biggest deciding factors of the type of tool box you get is what you are going to be storing in it. If you have lots of little bits and bots to stow, make sure you choose something with sealed divided storage.

Likewise, take inventory of the most common gear you bring on the job, and choose an option that will fit most of it. If you've browsed our Complete List of 50 Tools Every Man Needs To Own, you may want to also consider other equipment that you'll be bringing along regularly.

If you're shopping for the best toolbox for electrician for someone else, here is a list of the most common equipment they use:

electrician tool list
  • Voltage tester
  • Continuity tester
  • Compressed air
  • VOM (Volt-Ohm-Milliammeter)
  • Electrical Contact Cleaner
  • Amp Meter
  • Multi-meter
  • Wire cutter/stripper
  • Side Cutter
  • Level
  • Pliers
  • Channel locks


This is often an afterthought, but security is a very reasonable element to consider when weighing different electrical tool boxes. Put simply: some lock and some don't. The one that you choose is left up mostly to your discretion.

If you aren't a professional electrician, and are just looking for a tool box to store electrical tools around your house, then you probably don't need to get one that locks. You'll probably be keeping your tools in your garage or shed, and any thief who could bust into them won't be deterred by a locked toolbox anyway.

If you are regularly keeping your electricians tools in your van or truck--or bringing them on busy job sites--then you may want to choose a locking box. Some of those meters you are stowing are pretty pricey, and would be really easy for a common criminal to run off with. A lock is an easy deterrent to convince would be thieves to target some other rube.

Most steel and plastic toolboxes come with locks. The one downside to nylon totes is that they really can't be locked up. 

Final Thoughts On the Best Toolbox for Electricians

When you are looking for a place to store your electrician's tools, the right toolbox can make or break your operation.  If it's too heavy, you'll tire yourself out lugging it around to job after job. If it's too small, you won't be able to fit everything you need. And if it's made of cheap material, you'll find yourself having to replace it far too soon.

All the electrician tool boxes we've included in this review could be the perfect choice for you. All you have to do is assess your specific needs and choose the model that meets them the most.

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