Best Tool Box Drawer Liner Reviews: Top 5 List + Buyer's Guide

Best Tool Box Drawer Liner Reviews: Top 5 List With Buyer’s Guide

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24" x 30'

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18" x 24'

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20" x 24'


Picture this, you need a tool to work in your garage, and you try to grab one from your tool chest. But then you end up spending several minutes looking for that particular socket where the tool is supposed to be. And the annoying part? The toolbox keeps making this annoying noise. That can be frustrating.

Or perhaps, you start to notice your tools are now showing signs of damage because of the constant jostling about. We have noticed that most people hardly get the best toolbox liners for their tools.

The fantastic thing about getting a new liner is that it will reduce grime and grease that generally set at the bottom of the toolbox. Even the best rolling tool box is going to jostle your tools a good deal, so a slip resistant liner can really help out. 

That's not all...

Having the best toolbox drawer liner will protect your tools from jostling. While choosing the best toolbox liner, it's crucial to make sure it has a cushioned drawer liner, it's easy to clean, and the depth of your drawer matches with it.

If you want to give your toolbox that professional look and function, here are the top liners we recommend.

Top 5 Best Tool Box Drawer Liner Reviews

Largest Size Tool Box Drawer Liner

EPPCO Enterprises  24" x 30' Tool Box Liner

First on our list is the EPPCO Enterprises toolbox liner. To make sure your tools stay the place you kept it, this toolbox liner is made using non-slip material.

Guess what...

No need to worry if your tools will get disorganized because you have not opened it for a while; using this liner, you will always find your tool right where you left them. If you use a metal surface drawer, this will be the best option for you.

One of the best things about having this toolbox liner is, it's difficult for it to wear off. Furthermore, you can cut it to make sure it fits into your toolbox drawers easily. This feature makes it easier for it to fit into any toolbox, so cut it with scissors into the size that you want.

One other feature we found about this toolbox drawer liner is that it hardly gets dusty. That's right. It's one of those toolbox drawers that is dust resistant. This will allow you to use them for a long time. Because it's made from top-notch materials, it is used by professionals. These toolbox drawers are designed to serve you well. 

To make things more interesting, it comes with a 90 day warranty. So don't have to worry if something goes wrong.

Final Rating: 4.5 / 5


  • It can fit into any toolbox by cutting it.
  • It is effortless to install.
  • It has a protective layer that helps to keep the tool and the surface safe.
  • It's made of non-slip material to make sure your tools remain where you kept them.


  • The material tends to be sticky.

Best Overall Drawer Liner

Mod-Box Professional Grade High Grip Tool Box Drawer Liner

Who wouldn't like to have a toolbox drawer that doesn't need glue to stick?

That's what you get when you use Mod-Box Professional Tool Box Drawer Liner.  This toolbox liner has a 1/10 inch thick expanded vinyl foam, and this means it's capable of covering up to six standard-sized drawers.

That's not even the coolest part...

You don't need to apply any glue for it to stick. Because the surface is slightly tacky, your tools will remain where they are without sliding off. When it comes to resistance, you don't have to worry because this toolbox drawer can resist acid, grease, and dirt. For added resistance and durability, Mod-Box Professional Tool Box Drawer Liner has a reinforced scrim that runs through the center, and it can also resist tears.

With this toolbox liner, washing and wrapping is never a problem, because it can be done quickly. We are pleased with the liner material and how it was able to hold up. It can also be cut to fit your toolbox. When keeping it in a stationary cabinet, you can easily open and close the drawers, and your tools wouldn't even be dislodged. All your wrenches and screwdrivers will be right where you kept them.

Now that's fantastic.

Final Rating: 5 / 5


  • It comes with a non-slip material, to make handling easier
  • Cleanable and reusable
  • Quality cushioning prevents tools from colliding


  • Some users have complained about the toolbox drawer being too sticky sometimes

Best Tool  Box Liner for Professionals

CASOMAN Professional Tool Box Liner and Drawer Liner

Wouldn't it be beautiful if you can handle your toolbox drawer with ease?

Thanks to the makes of CASOMAN Professional Tool Box Liner and Drawer Liner, that dream is now a reality. CASOMAN Professional Toolbox Liner is designed to give you that freedom to keep your tools without them slipping off.

Using this liner, you can reposition it to be the way you want it. And it will still maintain it's the optimal grip. What's more? To make sure all the tools are intact, this toolbox liner has been designed with a 1/8 inch thickness.

The toolbox is dirt resistant, making it the perfect tool for anyone who works in a dirt environment. You can also wash it and get any dirt on it clean. CASOMAN Professional Tool Box Liner and Drawer Liner are equipped with multi-functionalities. This makes it easier to be used for almost anything. Yes, that's right. Beyond your garage, it can be used in your kitchen cabinets or even to organize dishes. Just being able to cut it into your desired size is another added advantage.

Final Rating: 4 / 5


  • You can use this toolbox drawer liner to fit your drawer measurements.
  • It can resist dust.Keeping it clean is very easy.
  • It is an excellent thickness level to keep all your tools secure.


  • It's challenging to keep it in place.

Best Heavy Duty Drawer Liner

B&C Home Goods Professional Tool Box Liner and Drawer Liner

The B&C Home Goods Professional liner is considered the best heavy-duty toolbox drawer liner out there in the market. You can easily modify and cut the foam mat, and it will still maintain it's original form, which is on 3/16, which can support even the heaviest tool you have in your garage.

We know that's something you would like, right?

To make sure your tools don't slide around, the textured grip is designed to be non-adhesive. When it's dirty, you can quickly wipe it off, thanks to its wrinkle resistance. 

That's not all. We noticed that this toolbox drawer liner is built to protect itself against corrosion and bacteria. For most users, this drawer lining is the best they have ever had. And one reason for this is it doesn't slide, compared to the other once they have used it. For owners who like to move around in the garage, this toolbox drawer liner has the heavy weight needed to prevent tools inside it from moving.

One thing to remember is that because this liner is very thick compared to other drawers, which in most cases are limited to vertical space, you may want to have another liner.

Final Rating: 4.5 / 5


  • It has an optimal grip.
  • It's equipped with a liner that helps to protect it from scrapes.
  • It is from a wrinkle-resistant, bacteria-resistant, and corrosion-resistant material.


  • It's too heavy compared to other toolbox drawer liners.

Most Affordable Toolbox Drawer Liner

Duck Brand Select Grip EasyLiner Shelf and Drawer Liner

Imagine what it would be like if your toolbox drawer liner is appropriately covered. We are sure this would prevent your tools from getting scratches; this is not good for your tools. Therefore, to make sure your tools remain safe, get yourself a Duck Brand Toolbox Drawer Liner.

Duck brand toolbox drawer liner is designed to last long and to be durable. It also helps in preventing damage from happening to your tools and, at the same time, keeps them organized. Furthermore, the Duck brand toolbox drawer liner is 20 inches × 24 ft dimensions. But to make sure it fits into your toolbox, you can cut it into your desired size.

Unlike most other toolbox drawers, this toolbox drawer liner is very easy to wash. To do so, just remove it, put it in a washing machine and shower.

Is that simple?

If you decide to clean it washing, all you have to do is remove it from the drawer and clean it. What's more? Due to its design, organizing your tools is now easy. Even if one of your tools goes missing, finding it will be like a work in the park.

Final Rating: 4 / 5


  • This toolbox drawer liner is equipped to be non-slip.
  • It has a non-adhesive property.
    It can be cut into different shapes to fit into your toolbox.


  • Sometimes you may find it challenging to use.

Buyer's Guide: How to Choose the Best Tool Box Drawer Liner

Finally, we have reviewed our top five picks. But there are some tips you have to know before choosing your toolbox drawer liner. So it is time we help you look out for those factors you need to consider.

We are sure nobody would like to buy a toolbox drawer liner blindly, so these are some of the complications and features you need to look out for. Some of these features are  durability, size, and other vital functions.

Since we have agreed that going in blindly can lead to buying unsatisfactory utilities and a drawer liner with disproportionate cuts. So, let's dig a little deeper for you to find out what to look out for when buying a toolbox drawer liner.

Ready? Let's jump right in.


The first vital thing you should always consider when choosing a toolbox drawer liner is the size. Check whether the liner can cover all parts of your toolbox drawers. You don't want to purchase a toolbox drawer liner that can't even cover half of your toolbox. Check out the width, see if it's larger or shorter than your toolbox or tool cabinet.


Thickness is significant when considering the type of toolbox drawer liner you want to buy. But to make sure you don't regret, you are purchasing your drawer liner. Don't choose a drawer liner that has a high thickness level. Going for such a drawer liner will result in losing storage space because the thick liner will cover up every available area.

The thicker the liners, the harder it becomes to cut. This means you will find it challenging to cut it into your desired size. On the other hand, we are not recommending that you go for a thinner drawer liner. Don't be alarmed. The reason while choosing a thinner drawer is not advisable is because they wear out quickly and faster.

Let's take a wide guess... You want to know which one you should choose. The answer is straightforward, go for toolbox drawer liner that has an optimum thickness. That way, you won't regret your decision.

Anti-slip Surface

Most toolbox drawer liners are made of foam sheets, rubber, and more. But here's the catch. No matter the material that your toolbox drawer liner is made from, ensure that there is an anti-slip feature in it.

You would agree with us that there is the use of having a drawer liner if your tools keep sliding in the drawer. We found out that having a drawer liner that is equipped with grids and other anti-slip futures is better than a drawer liner with a flat surface. An anti-slip surface is important even if you are using the best portable mechanics tool box on the market. Because if it's a tool box on wheels, than things are gonna jostle!

Final Thoughts on the Best Tool Box Drawer Liner

We believe this article will help you save some energy and time.

Now picking from our list of top five toolbox drawer liners, you are bound to choose a drawer liner that will help you do your work more accurately, faster, and make your job easier. These toolbox drawers help you to access your tools quickly and faster. This is because it is easier to organize your machines with them.

Our list has a toolbox drawer liner that's equipped with non-slip materials. This material helps in keeping your tool right where you left them. They can also be cut into your desired size so that it can fit your toolbox. You are cutting your toolbox drawer liner to fit where you save you from having unevenness in your toolbox.

Good luck, and let us know your thoughts on the comments section.

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