Best Plywood for Garage Cabinets

Best Plywood for Garage Cabinets

For most homeowners, the garage serves a little apart from hosting the car. However, for others, it’s more than just parking, it is that extra space to store your toolbox, your generator, a lawnmower. For others, it’s that extra space to get creative with some art or even sports. For a garage to multi-task and keep all this stuff efficiently, you need organizing shelves and cabinets, this is where the best plywood for garage cabinets comes in. 

Most ready-made metal or plastic garage cabinets are inefficient and already a customer. Most homeowners prefer going for plywood and other tools to have professional fix custom cabinets in their garage. For the DIYers, they find the best plywood and get to work. So today, we shall focus on plywood for making garage cabinets. What are the aspects that confirm the best plywood for your project? 

Are You Planning For A Soft Finish And Paint? 

When selecting the best plywood for garage cabinets, the one’s with showing grains shall end up with a rough look after painting. Oak is a good example of such open-grained types that are good for structural projects. MDF takes the day here since it has zero grain to show. Birch is also a good choice when planning for softer finishes and paint, the grains don’t show after painting hence gives a smooth and clean paint look. 

Storing paint in a garage is a good idea and it can help make things a little organized around there.

Be Careful During Delivery   

There are a number of issues that you shall not be able to address once that delivery truck leaves. Check for any damage or breaks. Check for flatness and certain it is the type of plywood sheet you ordered for. If you identify any low-quality or spoilt sheets, ensure they are returned and ask for compensation. 

However, there are issues you shall have to be specific when ordering since you cannot redeem an error at delivery. One of such things is the type and grading of your ordered plywood, ensure you are sure about the ones you order for. 

Check The Grading System And Your Needs   

Plywood has a front and back surface with each coming with different grading systems. Check for the grading system that you need for your project. Choose the best for projects geared at clean soft finishes and fair or low grading system for just structural needs. The top face grading system starts from A-D with A being the best and D the worst. The back phase is graded from 1-4 with 1 being the best and 4 the lowest grading. 

Are You Planning To Use Stain To Better Your Garage Cabinets? 

If yes, then you have to be extra careful with the type of plywood you choose. Maple, pine, and birch result in an uneven stain. They can frustrate you unless you have a stain conditioner applied before the actual staining. If you’re not too tied to this species and need staining, you can go for any species whose surface looks like the stain you want to achieve and use it. Staining shall help your cabinets to look more appealing, also, it shall help your stored tools and other accessories easily accessible. 

Are You Going For Physical Plywood Shopping? Be Sure To Carry A Friend Along  

The best thing about physical shopping is that you get to check all the aspects that you need in plywood. From the texture, the grading to everything concerning quality. However, having someone who’s experienced, preferably a workman to help you select shall make you take the best choices. 

The checking process is also tiresome, given the size of plywood sheets, so you shall have someone to help you move and search for the best sheet among the pile. When shopping physically, remember to check for the flatness of the plywood you choose.  

Avoid going for the plywood at the top or bottom of the pile. Take your time and dig out the best in the pile, this is why you shall need someone to help you with the process. 

Hardwood Plywood For Garage   

Why should you go for hardwood plywood instead of regular plywood? There are a lot of advantages that come with hardwood plywood. It is sturdy, looks great, versatile, moisture resistant, and affordable compared to solid wood. 

The fact that hardwood plywood allows for finishing makes it the best affordable option of making your garage door cabinets. You can then comfortably apply paint to achieve a smooth surface without the worry of appearing grains. 

Now Then, How Do You Choose The Best Hardwood Plywood For A Garage? 

When it comes to selecting the best hardwood plywood, it depends on your needs, especially the finish. Hardwood plywood is easy to customize when it comes to finishing. Depending on your needs, you have to choose between composite and veneer core types. For composite types, you got the choices of particleboard, MDF, and classic core.  

The sturdiness and strength of hardwood plywood are what is needed, especially for a garage cabinet. You expect to keep tools that agents any light friendly to the surfaces, therefore, you need such strength.  

Is There An Option For Plywood? 

If you are interested in getting your cabinet instantly in place, DIY or custom construction with plywood might not work. In this case, you have to go for metal or plastic garage cabinets. They come customized and ready to start using. Here are some of the best garage cabinets you can choose from.  

Best plywood for garage cabinets – Conclusion 

The best plywood for garage cabinets shall depend on the type of your cabinets. If you need smooth finished garage cabinets, then you have to choose for the best-grained plywood. Birch should serve you best for painting due to its smooth surface. 

Choose top and bottom surface grading according to the needs of your project. Consider hardwood plywood boards, this is most especially in case you have to clean the surfaces and paint your cabinets. Hardwood plywood is also strong and sturdy, their water-resistance capabilities make them the best for your garage cabinets. 

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