Best Lubricant for Tool Box Drawer Slides: Top 5 List With Buyer's Guide

Best Lubricant for Tool Box Drawer Slides: Top 5 List With Buyer’s Guide

Looking for the best lubricant for tool box drawer slides on the market? Read our full buyer's guide below, or skip the work and check out the details on our top pick for the most universal drawer slide lube.

Drawer Slide Lubricant Comparison Table

Product Name



Ideal Surfaces



Best Spray Lube


10 oz


Best for Wood


0.7 oz


Least Messy

Wood / Metal

36 yds

$ $ $

Most Versatile

Wood / Metal / Plastic

4 oz

$ $

Most Affordable

Wood / Metal / Plastic



When you get that squeaking sound or rusty and stuck toolbox drawer, the time for lubricating has come.

However, not all the lubricants in the store will work out for your needs. Different lubricants serve different purposes which is why you need the best lubricant for tool box drawer slides. The desire for a quality outcome leaves you with questions on whether to use grease, a dry-spray lubricant, wax, or what?

Finding the best lubricant for drawer slides among the variety on Amazon takes hours of research. To save you this time, we sunk into extensive research to fish out the best toolbox lubricant models as reviewed below.

Top 5 Best Lubricant for Tool Box Drawer Slides Reviews

Best Spray Lube

WD40 Specialist White Lithium Grease Spray

When you need an effective and easy to apply metal to metal lubricant, go for the WD40 White Lithium Grease Spray. This lubricant is a grease spray that makes tricky-to-reach toolbox drawer areas easily accessible, thanks to its spray head horse. Your tools remain safe from the sticky oily mess since this is a dry lubricant, just spray, leave for some minutes to dry and serve.

This type is resistant to the surrounding temperatures and does not freeze, melt or run-off. So in all temperatures, your tools shall remain clean while the drawers slither in and out! This model has a well-designed spray head with a spray horse, the horse pops out to release the grease then retracts with a little snap, hence the spray and your hands don't get greasy and dirty.

Final Rating: 4.5 / 5


  • Metal to metal lubricant for metal tool box drawer slides
  • Dry-spray lubricant to keep your tools clean
  • Efficient spray head with a hose to grease even the trickiest parts.
  • Does not freeze, melt, or runoff


  • Strong odor, should be used outside

Best Drawer Slide Lubricant for Wood

Lundmark Pure Bee's Wax Lubricating Compound

For wood toolbox owners, the US-based Lundmark family company brings this Pure Bee's Wax Lubricant for you. As some customers testify, this lubricant takes time to melt on heat, this proves that it shall not melt due to high temperatures or friction from the sliding drawers.

This lubricant is oil-free and therefore leaves your tools clean. This wax also fills up grooves in your slides and prevents further tears for smooth sliding. A buyer complained of it not working on wood, however, we affirm that this lubricant works on wood only that you need to apply it the right manner as in our buying guide.

Final Rating: 4 / 5


  • No sticky oil spill off
  • Great lubricant for wood toolbox drawer slides
  • Dry spray lubricant


  • Comes in small quantity

Least Messy Drawer Slide Lubricant

WOD Polyethylene Transparent Film Slick Tape

If oil, wax or grease lubricants are not your taste, then this Film Slick Tape will bail you out. It offers simple installation, that is, peel off the protective backing and install on the drawer sliding areas. The surface of this tape is non-stick, hence extra smooth to allow for easy drawer sliding which is what we need here.

Toolbox drawers are something you engage frequently, the slides, therefore, are expected to wear and tear faster. This tape shall last on your toolbox drawers since it is chemical and abrasion-resistant. Expect no dust accumulation in the slides of your toolbox since the tape creates a “slip plane” effect which prevents dust accumulation. 

Final Rating: 4.5 / 5


  • Oil and grease-free tape
  • Resistant to chemical and abrasions
  • Smooth surface for easy and efficient drawer sliding
  • Prevents dust accumulation


  • Reported to not work well for plastic drawer slides

Most Versatile Drawer Slide Lube

Mohawk Slideez Lubricant

The easy to use Mohawk Slideez Lubricant will work well for your toolbox drawer slide be it metal wood or plastic. We specifically included this for large scale lubrication since it weighs 4 ounces and therefore enough for many applications.

With this model, you get quick results while it shall work well for your toolbox interior sliding surfaces. Mohawk has a semi paste consistency that makes it easily stick to your drawer slide surfaces easily without run-off or any other mess, hence your tools shall remain clean.

Final Rating: 4 / 5


  • Paste free consistency for easy sticking and less mess
  • Large quantity per package
  • Works well for interior lubricating
  • Versatile: works on metal, plastic, or wood


  • Not many online reviews available

Most Affordable Lubricant for Drawer Slides

Derfoe Powdered Graphite

This versatile Powdered Graphite Lubricant can work on metal, wood, or even plastic toolbox drawer slides. The lubricant is in a tube with needle-like ending, this shall make application easy, especially on our intended hard to reach toolbox drawer slides.

This is a dry lubricant that makes your drawers smoothly slide without dirtying your tools. The best news is that this model dries easily and does not collect dust like most grease and oil lubricants, therefore, your toolbox slide areas remain clean. 

Final Rating: 4 / 5


  • Dries easily to remain clean
  • Works on metal, wood, and plastic
  • Needle-like tube ending for easy application


  • Some users complain of the powder staining

Buyer’s Guide: How to Choose the Best Lubricant for Toolbox Drawer Slides

All lubricants are made to reduce friction. However, not all lubricants shall work for your toolbox drawer slides. Some lubricants work best for different materials and purposes. So, what does an old rusty toolbox need that is different from a sparkling new one? The following factors shall guide you into choosing the ideal lubricant for your toolbox.

The State of your Toolbox

You might be reviving a toolbox from your garage or just need to lubricate the drawer slides of your newly bought one. A toolbox with rusty drawer slides shall require a highly penetrating lubricant such as high viscosity oils. This shall break the accumulated rust. However, you shall also need a type of lubricant with a higher viscosity to apply after dealing with the rust as a long-lasting solution.

For a new toolbox or one in good condition, use dry lubricants, oils, and grease as that do not flow from the area of application to your tools. Grease and dry-spray lubricants and film stick tape work best for toolbox drawers due to their less viscosity and dry features.

Level of Residual Mess

Workers need a clean working environment with clean tools to work with. Additionally, getting oil or grease stick to your overall and even hands feels irritating. Some types of lubricants flow from the point of application to the tools.

When you need a lubricant that doesn't leave a sticky oil mess, which is what you need for your toolbox interior, then dry spray lubricants are what to go for. Additionally, the non-sticky feature keeps dirt away and your tools clean. The only disadvantage is that this type of lubricant wears off faster necessitating regular application.

If you’re the type that forgets about lubricating tools for a long time but can tolerate the oily residue and sticky mess, then you can go for grease.

To understand more about which lubricant to use for which drawer slides, check out this

Material & Type

Some lubricants shall work perfectly on wood tool boxes while they fail in plastic or metal and vice versa, others work for all. Before you buy a lubricant, check to ascertain that it shall work on your tool box’s material. The easiest way to buy the right lubricant is to go for a versatile one that can work across materials such as the Mohawk Slideez

The type of lubricant also matters. There are dry-spray lubricants, wax and oil lubricants. Toolbox drawer slides require a dry lubricant to keep your tools safe, therefore avoid lubricant types that might flow into your tools.

Frequently Asked Questions About Lubricating Drawer Slides

How to lubricate metal drawer slides?

If your metal drawer slides sticking, the most important thing is to get the right type of lubricant. Lubricating metal drawer slides is actually pretty straightforward. And it doesn't matter if it's on your tool box, a dresser, or a kitchen cabinet. The process for how to make metal drawers slide smoothly is the same:

  1. Obtain a White Lithium Grease, such as this one from WD-40.
  2. Remove the drawers, being careful not to force them, which could cause damage.
  3. Clean the drawer slides and dry thoroughly.
  4. Apply the white lithium grease to the inner part of the slides--anywhere that metal touches metal.
  5. Wipe excess grease away and replace the drawer. 

Note that this process also works if you are looking for instructions on how to lubricate ball bearing drawer slides. The only difference is that you want to ensure that the ball bearings get coated at least mildly with the lubricant. And be extra careful not to let the bearings fall loose.

How to lubricate wooden drawers?

Are your wood drawers sticking? Don't use the wrong type of lubricant or else you risk damaging the finish. We recommend a bees wax lubricant that is specifically designed for wood. Once you've acquired that, here are the basic steps for how to lubricate wood drawer slides:

  1. Remove the drawer carefully so that you don't chip the wood. If the contacts or tracks break, the drawer won't go back in smoothly or function properly.
  2. Rub the wax evenly on everywhere that wood contacts wood. Typically, this means both the wooden drawer slide itself, and the runner that it slides into.
  3. Be careful not to let the wax bunch up too much in any one area. Wipe away excess or spread it evenly.
  4. Additionally, you may want to lubricate the edges of the drawer and the parts of the cabinet or tool box where it contacts. Since these areas are more exposed, wax lubricants may be too messy. A good alternative is to use a transparent film slick tape. Simply lay the tape down on the areas you wish to slide more smoothly!

How to make drawers slide easier?

Easy! Just find the right lube for the job and apply the instructions above. As a quick recap, here are our top recommendations.

Final Thoughts on the Best Lubricant for Tool Box Drawer Slides

Precise and quality products come with efficient tools in a functional toolbox. But even the best plumber's tool box is going to stick from time to time. A toolbox with stuck and hard to open drawers drains your energy and slows down your work. While rush buying results to poor quality toolbox drawer lubricant, the above precise review shall help you pick the best lubricant for your toolbox.

Go through the products and let the buying guide help you to choose the best lubricant for your specific toolbox drawer slides. With the above, be assured of soft and easy gliding drawers, have a good time.

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