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50 Tools Every Man Needs to Own: The Complete List

This is the most comprehensive, most practical list of tools you’ll find on the internet.

Whether you’re a new homeowner or just a hapless dude trying to level up your DIY skills, you probably are having trouble figuring out exactly where to start. There are literally HUNDREDS of different tools out there.

How can you know which ones you really need?

Rather than promote specific brands or try to list every tool known to man, here’s what we’ve done…

  • Rounded up the 50 tools every man needs to own.
  • Categorized them by type.
  • Offered our advice on how to buy the right one.

If that sounds like the list you’re looking for, let’s dive right in!

Everyday Tools

These tools are the ones that you'll probably need on a daily basis. Or at least every weekend as you work on various projects around the house. You should stock up on these ASAP because they are the ones you'll be really annoyed to be caught without--the tools every man should have in their tool box. 

#1 Socket Wrench

socket wrench

What It’s For: A socket wrench (and accompanying socket set) is used to tighten or loosen nuts, bolts, and similar fasteners. Also known as a ratchet, your socket wrench is useful for everything from automotive work to assembling your kids’ toys.

Why You Need One: A socket wrench will not just make it easier to adjust nuts and bolts. It will also protect them from being damaged by trying to use an adjustable wrench.

How To Buy It:

  • Choose a universal set that includes sockets for both the metric and Imperial (inches) systems.
  • Opt for hex sockets, as they are the most common for everyday use.
  • Choose a reversible ratchet that has a switch to allow you to change drive directions easily.

#2 Screwdrivers


What It’s For: screwdrivers are very useful for fixing furniture, removing vents, and even changing batteries in toys. You will find screwdrivers to be quite a useful tool around the house.

Why You Need One: Screwdrivers come in handy in day-to-day home improvement projects, especially if you are a do-it-yourself enthusiast. They will help to fasten and unfasten screws around the house.

How To Buy It:

  • Ensure that the screwdriver has a good grip in your hands.
  • Select one with interchangeable heads. This enables you to use the same screwdriver for different projects.
  • Besides the cost, you should also consider the length of the screwdriver depending on the project you intend to use it for.

#3 Hammer


What It’s For: A hammer is an essential tool that should not be missed in your toolbox. The hammer will serve a number of purposes around the house including drive and pull nails from walls, break applications, and lever up floorboards.

Why You Need One: The hammer will be useful in holding together pieces of furniture that are falling apart. It will also be handy if you need to hang up art pieces and other items on the wall.

How To Buy It:

  • Select a hammer with a weight that you can easily handle without straining your wrists.
  • The handle should also have a firm grip.
  • For general home improvement, it is advisable to go for a hammer with a smooth face that won’t mar your surfaces.
  • Check out this classic 16 oz hammer on Amazon.

#4 Pliers


What It’s For: Pliers will be useful for tightening bolts and nuts, holding and bending stuff, and taking nails off walls among other uses. They are multi-purpose tools that should not miss in your toolbox.

Why You Need One: When you are doing home improvement projects, you will constantly need to grip, bend, or cut the materials. This is when you will find having a pair of pliers handy for your project.

How To Buy It:

  • Always choose the type of pliers that are appropriate for your needs.
  • You should also consider the size of the pliers as this will determine how much effort you have to put while using them.
  • Another important consideration to have in mind when shopping for pliers is the material used for the pliers’ jaw.

#5 Utility knife

utility knife

What It’s For: You won’t have to use your kitchen knife for cutting open cardboard boxes if you have a utility knife. With such a tool in your toolbox, blunting your kitchen while opening tightly sealed packages will no longer be a problem.

Why You Need One: Utility knives can be helpful when removing paint-covered screws, carving wood, removing grout, and cutting foam for lining up your toolbox. Additionally, you can use the knife to sharpen your kid’s pencils when they need to complete their homework.

How To Buy It:

  • Look out for a utility knife with a guarded blade that will enable you to safely use the knife.
  • If you put the knife in your pocket while moving around, then you may want to consider a knife with a spring back blade.
  • A utility knife with a tape splitter would be great if you receive a lot of taped up packages.
  • Browse Amazon for a wide range of utility knives for various purposes

#6 Safety Glasses

safety glasses

What It’s For: Your eyes are exposed to a lot of danger when you are doing DIY projects. Safety glasses will shield your eyes from wood chippings and electricity sparks while you are working.

Why You Need One: Your safety is paramount when you are working on home improvement projects. Safety glasses will ensure that your eyes are protected from any injuries.

How To Buy It:

  • Buy safety glasses with lenses that do not reduce optical clarity, such as these anti-fog safety glasses.
  • You should be aware of common safety hazards at home as this will influence the type of safety glasses you go for.
  • Always try on the glasses before buying to ensure they are the perfect fit.

#7 Cordless Drill

cordless drill

What It’s For: Cordless drills are used for drilling holes, mixing paint, and working on wires. They are also used for carpentry work and to assemble stuff such as cupboards.

Why You Need One: Cordless drills allow to screw even difficult areas of the home such as the roof. It makes work easier and you don’t have to worry about tripping on cords.

How To Buy It:

  • You should consider the battery life of the cordless cord.
  • The power rating of the cord is also important.
  • Choose a bundled option that includes a carrying case and drill bit set like this one from DEWALT.

Flooring Tools

Flooring projects aren't an everyday thing. But when you do have carpet to pull up or hardwood to lay down, these are some of the most important tools to have by your side.

#8 Tape Measure

tape measure

What It’s For: Flooring measurements should be precise to avoid overbuying or underbuying materials for the project. A tape measure will help you to get exact measurements of your floor and the materials.

Why You Need One: When cutting materials for your flooring project, you need to get the exact length and width to avoid wasting materials. The tape measure will also help you to establish the area of your floor so you can shop appropriately for materials.

How To Buy It:

  • You should buy a durable tape measure that will serve you for long.
  • Buy a tape with a locking mechanism to prevent it from slipping during measurements.
  • You should also buy a tape measure with a unit of measurement you are familiar with.
  • Buy a set of tape measures so you can have one for the garage, one for your toolbox, one for the car, etc. They are sooooo easy to misplace.

#9 Leveling Tools


What It’s For: Leveling tools will help you ensure that your flooring installations are properly adjusted. If you are installing flooring surfaces such as wood, bamboo, and laminates, you will use these tools to confirm that the levels are okay.

Why You Need One: No one wants crooked flooring installations. Leveling tools will ensure that you get the right levels and angles for your flooring project.

How To Buy It:

  • Buy leveling tools that will be able to give you accurate measurements with low margins of error.
  • The tools should also have good visibility.
  • You might also want to consider LED lights if you will be working in poorly lit conditions.
  • Consider an affordable laser leveling tool to get a perfect measurement every time.

#10 Scrapers


What It’s For: Scrapers will help when you need to remove flooring materials that were installed using strong adhesives. They are good for separating the old adhesives from the subfloor.

Why You Need One: You can easily use scrapers to remove old flooring installations without damaging the subfloors. They also make work easier.

How To Buy It:

  • You will have to consider the size and weight of the scraper before buying.
  • Get to know how the scraper is powered especially if you will be working on floors that are away from a power source.
  • Buy a complete scraper set to save money and ensure you always have the right tool for the job. 

#11 Knee Pads

What It’s For: Knee pads protect your knees from the rough floors and injuries while working on flooring projects. It becomes comfortable to work on your floor for extended periods of time when you have knee pads on.

Why You Need One: You will need to protect your knees especially if your flooring project requires a lot of kneeling. You will be able to work for longer and more comfortably if you have knee pads on.

How To Buy It:

  • The knee pads should be the right fit for you.
  • They should be of good quality that can last long.

#12 Wet Saw

wet saw

What It’s For: A good wet saw makes it easier to cut through tiles and stones. This makes it easier to get the right fits for your flooring installations.

Why You Need One: While you can use other tools to cut tiles and stones, a wet saw has a pump that will spray water on the material to keep it cool and avoid cracks. It is also faster to work with a wet saw than a snap cutter.

How To Buy It:

  • You should consider how portable the wet saw is.
  • While cutting versatility is important, you wouldn’t want to ignore power either.
  • You will also have to consider the cutting capacity when purchasing a wet saw.

Garage/Auto Tools

We couldn't be the Garage Gear Gurus if we didn't include the tools you need for your automotive work. Some of these are must haves for home. Others are ones you want to keep stocked in your trunk at all times.

#13 Floor Jack

floor jack

What It’s For: A floor jack is the perfect tool for when you have to work under your vehicle. It helps to steadily lift and position the car so you can easily work underneath.

Why You Need One: The car needs to be in a perfect position when you are working under it. This tool ensures that you have steadiness when the car is lifted off the ground.

How To Buy It:

  • Always check the amount of pressure a floor jack can withstand before buying.
  • How high or low your car is will also play a role in the type of floor jack to go for.
  • Choose a hydraulic jack like this one so you don't have to rely on your own strength at all.

#14 Torque Wrench

What It’s For: Having every piece on your car tightened up will help you to avoid unnecessary accidents. A torque wrench keeps every piece in place with the right precision.

Why You Need One: Screwing pieces into place strongly won’t mean much if it is not done with the precision it requires. That is where the torque wrench comes in.

How To Buy It:

  • Torque wrenches come in 4 different sizes depending on the type of vehicle you drive.
  • Always consider the quality of the wrench first when shopping.

#15 Jumper cables

jumper cables

What It’s For: Jumper cables can help get you back on the road when your car batteries unexpectedly die. You will use a jumper cable to connect your battery to an auxiliary power source in order to power your car.

Why You Need One: You never know when your battery will give up on you. This tool will come in handy in such situations so that you are not stuck in the middle of anywhere.

How To Buy It:

  • Always consider the type of insulation the cable has before buying.
  • The cable should also be long enough such that you can always connect it to the car behind you in the event of an emergency.
  • Consider investing in a Jump Starter Pack so that you don't have to rely on another vehicle to jump start your car if the battery fails. 

#16 Tow Strap

tow strap

What It’s For: A tow strap is useful for moving a disabled vehicle from one point to another. It can also make for a great rescue rope or a tie-down.

Why You Need One: You never know when you could need to tow someone else to help or even need towing yourself. It could also serve as a rescue rope when you are out nature trailing or camping.

How To Buy It:

  • You should consider the elasticity of the tow strap so that it doesn’t snap when stretched.
  • The hooks at the end of the strap should be of high quality.

#17 Nitrile Gloves

nitrile gloves

What It’s For: Car fluids such as brake cleaners can always contain chemicals that can harm the skin when it gets in contact. Nitrile gloves are resistant to these chemicals and will keep your hands safe when you are working on your car.

Why You Need One: You need to always protect your hands and skin when working with chemicals. If you are also allergic to latex, then you should go for nitrile gloves.

How To Buy It:

#18 Magnetic Dish

magnetic dish

What It’s For: When working on your car, tiny screws and metallic pieces are likely to get misplaced. Magnetic dishes help to keep all your screws in one place safely.

Why You Need One: With a magnetic dish, you won’t have to worry about misplacing your tiny screws anymore. A magnetic dish would be helpful for keeping all the tiny pieces of metallic equipment you don’t want to lose.

How To Buy It:

  • Buy a high-quality magnetic dish that can serve you for long.
  • You should also consider a compartmentalized magnetic dish for keeping separate different types of materials.
  • Check out this 4-pack of magnetic dishes from Amazon.

#19 Fire Extinguisher

fire extinguisher

What It’s For: Fire extinguishers are first aid equipment that will come in handy in the event of an unexpected fire. They can help in putting out small fires before they become serious.

Why You Need One: While you will never expect to have to use a fire extinguisher, your garage is full of chemicals and electrical stuff that are vulnerable to fires. It is better to be prepared to handle such trouble while it is still small-scale.

How To Buy It:

  • You should get a multi-purpose fire extinguisher because garage fires could be as a result of electrical faults or chemicals. 
  • Buy one that comes with mounting gear to store your extinguisher somewhere easily accessible.

Lawn and Garden Tools

Whether you're trying to grow the Garden of Eden in your backyard, or just trying to keep your lawn nice and tidy, these are the lawn and garden tools that every homeowner needs to have on hand.

#20 Shovel


What It’s For: During home improvement projects, shovels are used to mix sand, cement, and water to make concrete. They make it easier to scoop, mix, and spread concrete.

Why You Need One: Shovels will be handy when working with concrete during home improvement projects. They also make it easier to clear snow or piles of dirt off a place.

How To Buy It:

  • The type of shovel you go for should be informed by the type of work you need to be done.
  • You should buy a shovel whose weight you can easily handle.
  • Find a shovel with a handle that feels comfortable in your hands.

#21 Rake


What It’s For: Rakes are helpful in clearing leaves and twigs to keep your lawn neat. They can also be used to level out seedbeds and break up the soil.

Why You Need One: You will find a rake more helpful than you think. It is handy when you need to break up garden soil for planting and can also be used to keep the lawn neat.

How To Buy It:

  • You should buy rakes that are made from durable material.
  • It is advisable to go rakes with hardwood handles that won’t bend with heavy use.
  • Consider an Adjustable Telescopic Rake that is easy to store and suitable for a wide range of uses.

#22 Anvil Pruner

anvil pruner

What It’s For: Anvil pruners are usually used for cutting back plants in the garden. You can use the tool to cut off dead flowers to encourage regrowth.

Why You Need One: Every time you take a walk in your garden, you will come across an overgrown plant that needs to be cut back. Anvil pruners are also useful in deadheading flowers for healthy blooms.

How To Buy It:

  • There are different types of anvil pruners so you should go for one that will serve you best.
  • You should also consider your budget as they can be as cheap as $4 and as expensive as $100.
  • This Amazon Best Seller from Tabor Tools can handle just about any of your pruning needs.

#23 Pruning Shears


What It’s For: Pruning shears, or secateurs, are great for pruning and harvesting delicate plants such as herbs. You can also use them to trim or cut light branches of garden plants.

Why You Need One: Pruning shears will enable you to enjoy the best of both worlds when working on your garden. You can use them on herbs, shrubs, bushes, and branches of small trees.

How To Buy It:

  • You should find out about the different types of pruning shears and how they can best serve you.
  • When shopping for shears, you should consider those that come with accessories and spare parts.
  • Consider Titanium Pruning Shears so that you don't have to worry about them rusting or getting dull as quickly.

#24 Lawnmower


What It’s For: Lawnmowers are great at keeping your lawn in shape. You will use a lawnmower to cut your grass so that your lawn can look appealing.

Why You Need One: No matter the size of your lawn, a lawnmower is a necessity. Overgrown lawns are not only unappealing but can also hide dangerous animals such as snakes.

How To Buy It:

  • The lawnmower’s performance should match the mowing needs of your lawn.
  • Whether it is a riding mower or a walking one, you should be comfortable using it.

#25 Garden Hose

garden hose

What It’s For: You will use the garden hose to water the plants in your lawn and garden. They are a convenience than having to keep fetching water from indoors using a container.

Why You Need One: Water is essential if you want your plants to thrive. Having a garden hose makes it easier to water your plants whenever you need to.

How To Buy It:

  • You should buy a hose that is long enough to reach all over the garden from the water point.
  • The garden hose should be strong enough to handle water pressure.
  • Buy a hose that comes with a reel so that it doesn't get tangled or become an eyesore.

#26 Trowel

What It’s For: Similar to a mini shovel, a trowel is used to dig small holes, break up the soil, and add fertilizers to your garden. Its sharp edge can also cut through tough soil, roots, and grass.

Why You Need One: This is a versatile tool that has a number of uses in the garden. You can use it to prepare your garden for planting and to clear unwanted weeds.

How To Buy It:

  • The hold and grip on your hands should be comfortable.
  • You should also consider the quality and durability of the trowel.

Carpentry Tools

You don't have to be a master woodworker to invest in carpentry tools. Sometimes, you've just got a loose chair leg that needs mending or a table that needs reinforcing.

#27 Chisels


What It’s For: Chisels are perfect for creating the perfect joinery on your furniture. You can use a chisel to create tendons, mortise, and dovetails.

Why You Need One: With a chisel, you will be able to create tight and perfect joinery that even a machine wouldn’t. They are precise in removing waste which helps to come up with the perfect fit.

How To Buy It:

  • The type of steel the chisel is made from determines its quality and durability.
  • The handle should be light and easy to hold.
  • We highly recommend this full chisel set from Amazon.

#28 Nail Gun

nail gun

What It’s For: A nail gun makes it easier, faster, and more efficient to drive nails into materials. They are used for siding, flooring, framing, and other carpentry work.

Why You Need One: Carpentry work is not easy and you shouldn’t have to struggle with hammering when you can make your work easier. It will be faster and easier to use a nail gun to drive your nails.

How To Buy It:

  • You should find out how the nail gun is powered as this will determine your flexibility when using it.
  • You should also consider the type of nails you will be using in the gun.
  • When it comes to power tools, always go with a trusted brand, like this DEWALT nail gun.

#29 Jigsaw


What It’s For: Jigsaws are used for cutting curved and circular patterns on materials such as metal and wood. You can also use them to make bevel cuts.

Why You Need One: The kind of convenience that jigsaws offer is not something you want to miss out on. Enjoy cutting materials into your preferred shapes.

How To Buy It:

  • Find a grip that is suitable for you.
  • You should also check the speed settings.
  • Blades break or dull easily, so buy a jigsaw that comes with a pack of blades, like this one from Black and Decker.

#30 Clamps


What It’s For: When working with carpentry materials, sometimes you need to hold them together for gluing, assembling, measuring, or cutting. That’s where the clamps come in- to hold together such components while you work.

Why You Need One: It can be difficult to work on projects that need to be held together without clamps. As long as you are involved in carpentry, they will always come in handy.

How To Buy It:

  • There are different types of clamps so you should have in mind the purpose for which you will use the clamps.
  • You should also consider ergonomics of the clamp.
  • Buy adjustable clamps so that they are suitable for a variety of jobs.

#31 Workbench

work bench

What It’s For: A workbench is useful when you need to do your woodwork. It provides a steady and strong platform for which you can do the manual work.

Why You Need One: A workbench would help you to avoid messing up your woodwork from shakiness. It also frees up your hands to focus on the job instead of dedicating one hand to holding the piece of woodwork.

How To Buy It:

  • The workbench should have a solid foundation that doesn’t shake.
  • It should also be strong enough and durable.

#32 Shop Vacuum

What It’s For: A shop vacuum helps in clearing dust collection in your workshop. It keeps the working area clean.

Why You Need One: A dirty workstation is a health hazard to you. A good shop vacuum will also be useful in keeping dust off your tools and materials so that it is easy to work on them. A standard household vacuum cleaner won't work because it just isn't powerful enough for what you need.

How To Buy It:

  • Buy something with at least six gallons of storage so that you won't be constantly emptying your shop vac
  • Opt for more power rather than less. You want a shop vac that can suck up nails, screws, and wood scraps.

#33 Carpenter's Pencil

carpenters pencil

What It’s For: Having a carpenter’s pencil in your workshop helps you to mark out your next cut. The pencil also helps with the layout of frames.

Why You Need One: Instead of basing your cuts on guesswork, you should get a pencil and make measured cuts. A pencil will always come in handy for cuts and framing.

How To Buy It:

  • The type of wood the pencil is made from determines its quality.
  • You should go for pencils that feel comfortable in your hands.

Painting Tools

Almost every homeowner finds themselves engaged in a painting project at some point in their life. Hiring professionals is expensive. So do-it-yourself the right way with these painting tool necessities.

#34 Drop Cloth

drop cloth

What It’s For: Drop cloths are used to protect the furniture and floors from dripping paint. It makes it easier to clean after a paint job.

Why You Need One: No matter how careful you are, some paint is bound to drip on the floor or furniture. A drop cloth will protect your furniture and floors from unwanted difficult stains during a paint job.

How To Buy It:

  • The drop cloth should not only protect your floor and furniture but also protect you from slipping while painting.
  • Canvas drop cloths are thick enough to absorb the paint without leaking it to what’s underneath and are also more durable.
  • Buy at least 2 drop cloths. That way, a nasty spill doesn't have to put your painting project on hold for the day.

#35 Ladder


What It’s For: Ladders help you to reach high places when doing a paint job. Some ladders also have extensions where you can hang your can of paint and other tools while on the job.

Why You Need One: It is much easier to use a ladder to reach high places than standing on a chair or a table. Ladders are much easier to move around as you work compared to the latter.

How To Buy It:

  • There are different types of ladders so you should find one that is most suitable for your needs.
  • Since you’ll be using the ladder to reach high places, its height is also an important consideration.
  • This Best Seller From Amazon is the only ladder you will ever need. Seriously, check it out.

#36 Painter’s Tape

painters tape

What It’s For: A painter’s tape allows you to have the perfect finish to your paint job. You can use it to cover up surfaces where you don’t want the paint on.

Why You Need One: Would you prefer to take a lot of time using a normal paintbrush to outline your paint finishes? Having a painter’s tape makes the work easier for you.

How To Buy It:

  • Painter’s tape come in a variety of widths so you should choose one that suits you.
  • Find out the type of adhesive used on the tape before making a purchase.
  • Brand-wise, go with Scotch. You just don't want to risk off-brand adhesive ruining your walls.

#37 Paint Roller

paint roller

What It’s For: Rollers enable you to apply paints faster in a smooth and efficient manner. You won’t need as much time using rollers as you would with a paintbrush.

Why You Need One: Why not enjoy the versatility of a roller and finish your paint job in half the time you would with a paintbrush? Rollers are ideal for painting large surfaces such as walls and ceilings.

How To Buy It

  • Rollers come in different sizes so you should consult on the best size for your job.
  • The type of surface you are going to paint will also determine the type of roller to go for.
  • You are going to need a lot of rollers in a lot of sizes, so consider buying a complete paint roller kit like this.

#38 Paint Remover

What It’s For: Paint remover helps to clean a surface before the paint job. It helps to efficiently and quickly scrape off old coats so that the new coat is smooth and better.

Why You Need One: Manually scraping off old coats is exhausting and time-consuming. Use paint removers to make your work easier.

How To Buy It:

  • The type of paint remover you buy will depend on how many coats you need to be removed.
  • The type of paint on the old coat will also determine the type of remover to go for.

#39 Paint Tray

paint tray

What It’s For: Having a paint tray helps you to avoid having to constantly refill your paint. They are useful for painting a large surface.

Why You Need One: Paint trays make it easier to move around with your paint as you do the job. They are also large enough to enable you to use brushes and rollers of different sizes.

How To Buy It:

  • You should check if the tray has disposable liners as it will make it easier to clean afterward.
  • The tray should be large enough for your rollers to fit in.

#40 Painter's Pants

What It’s For: Painter’s pants allow you to work without making your normal clothes dirty with paint. Some pants also have knee pads and pockets for small paint tools and your phone.

Why You Need One: It would be efficient if you have the small tools on your body and don’t have to come down the ladder every time you need something. It also has pockets to keep your phone away from the paint but near you.

How To Buy It:

  • The pants should fit you perfectly.
  • The material should be easier to clean afterward.

#41 Palm Sander

palm sander

What It’s For: The palm sander is used to sand rough surfaces and remove old paint from furniture. It is also used to clear stains from wooden floors and remove rust when preparing metals for a painting job.

Why You Need One: You don’t have to struggle with a sandpaper when a palm sander can do a better job.

How To Buy It:

  • Get to know the power ratings of the sander before making your purchase.
  • Pricing is also an important factor to consider when shopping for a palm sander.
  • Buy a variable speed palm sander so that you can use it for a variety of jobs.

Plumbing Tools

Some plumbing issues call for professional assistance. But not all of them. With these plumbing tools at the ready, you'll have everything you need to tackle a lot of pesky pipe problems.

#42 Plunger


What It’s For: Plungers are great for cleaning out tubs, toilets, and sinks that are clogged. It helps to prevent a foul smell around the home from clogged drains.

Why You Need One: At some point, your drains are bound to act up and get clogged. You won’t have to worry about a terrible smell in your home if you have a plunger.

How To Buy It:

  • You should know that different types of plungers do different tasks so that you go for the best one for you.
  • You might also want to pay attention to the price.
  • Buy a plunger with a holder stand because ... YUCK!

#43 Tubing Cutter

tubing cutter

What It’s For: Tubing cutters are used to cut different types of plumbing pipes. They make the work easier than having to use a hacksaw.

Why You Need One: There is no need to struggle with a hacksaw when you can use a tubing cutter for the job. Make your work easier by getting the right type of tubing cutter for your project.

How To Buy It:

  • The type of tubing cutter you go for will be determined by the type of pipe you need cut.
  • You should get a cutter that is strong and durable.

#44 Drain Auger

What It’s For: Drain augers are meant to clear clogs in the drain. It works by breaking up and extracting the clog using a cable.

Why You Need One: Drain clogs can be difficult to handle without the right tools. A drain auger is just what you need for such jobs.

How To Buy It:

  • The drain auger should be long and versatile enough to handle your drains.
  • You can find an auger that fits within your budget.

#45 Hacksaw


What It’s For: You will need a hacksaw to cut plumbing materials down to your preferred size. You can use them to cut screws, nuts, bolts, and certain types of pipes.

Why You Need One: You can use a hacksaw to cut off stubborn bolts, screws, and nuts that are tightly fixated on a plumbing line. A hacksaw can also come in handy when you need to cut light plumbing materials down to size.

How To Buy It:

  • You should buy hacksaws with straight and sharp blades.
  • Its frame should be easy to carry and handle.
  • Buy a Universal Hacksaw Kit that is good for almost any need.

#46 Metal File

metal file

What It’s For: Metal files are for smoothing out sharp or rough edges after a cut. You don’t have to cut yourself trying to smoothen an edge using a cutting object.

Why You Need One: You need your plumbing materials to have a smooth edge and metal files exist for that purpose. Get a metal file that is suited to your needs.

How To Buy It:

  • You should know that there are different types of files for different jobs.
  • The shape of the file also determines how it gets the job done.

#47 Silicone Cartridge Gun

silicone cartridge gun

What It’s For: A silicone cartridge gun enables you to seal gaps that emerge in your water systems when the seals break. It is also used to replace the caulking around the showers, sinks, bathtubs, and toilets.

Why You Need One: You shouldn’t let leaking water cause damage to your property. Use a cartridge gun to seal the cracks.

How To Buy It:

  • You should consider the type of plunger you want with your gun.
  • Some guns have additional features that will save you time when sealing cracks.
  • A good caulk gun doesn't have to be expensive. This one from Newborn should serve you well.

Electrical Tools

For most electrical matters, you are going to call in a licensed pro so as to avoid shock and fire hazards. However, these tools can be good to keep in your electrician's toolbox in order to help you diagnose problems before you call in the cavalry.

#48 Multimeter


What It’s For: You can use the multimeter to measure different electrical properties. You can use it to measure resistance, current, and voltage.

Why You Need One: You can use the multimeter to know the electrical properties around your property when troubleshooting. You can also use it for diode checking on your home appliances.

How To Buy It:

#49 Voltage Tester

voltage tester

What It’s For: Use a voltage tester to whether a wire you are working on is live. It is used to check that a device or wire does not have any electrical voltage.

Why You Need One: Getting into contact with a live wire can be quite dangerous. A voltage tester is there to protect you from getting harmed by electricity.

How To Buy It:

  • You should always consider the voltage range first.
  • Pay attention to the degree of accuracy before paying for a voltage tester.
  • For maximum safety, choose a non-contact voltage tester.

#50 Circuit Finder

What It’s For: A circuit finder helps to find the circuit directory in your property. They are handy in tracing a circuit.

Why You Need One: You don’t have to take a gamble when looking for the circuit directory. Having a circuit finder in your toolbox will help you find trace the circuit in no time.

How To Buy It:

  • The durability of the circuit finder is always an important consideration to have in mind.
  • You should be familiar with how to use a circuit finder before buying one.

9 Power Tools Every Man Needs

How about a nice bonus list? Really quick, here are our top 9 picks if you are just looking for the power tools that every man should have. But if you are looking for detailed advice and reviews, check out our post on the 20 Must Have Power Tools For DIY Projects.

1. DEWALT Impact Driver

2.  Black & Decker Cordless Drill

3. Black & Decker Reciprocating Saw

4. Craftsman Circular Saw

Those 4 are the MUST-HAVEs. If you are looking to buy them all together in an affordable package, we recommend the Ryobi 6-Tool Combo Kit.  It includes the above four tools (Ryobi brand of course), plus a flashlight, charger, 2 batteries, and a handy carrying case.

If you really want to flesh out your power tool collection, here are the next 5 to add to your list:

5. Genesis Miter Saw with Laser Guide

6. Craftsman Brad Nailer (nail gun)

7. HUYOSEN Gas-powered Chain Saw

8. DEWALT Angle Grinder Kit

9. Homdox Electric Pressure Washer


We hope you found our list of the 50 tools every man needs helpful.  Our goal was to provide practical info so you can easily start fleshing out your tool collection. 

You don’t necessarily need to own all of these today. But now you can begin to slowly add them to your toolbox based on the most common home projects, you’ve got going on.

What do you think of our list? Did we miss anything that you would have included?  

Let us know in the comments!

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